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Thursday, November 8th 2007 - 17:36 CET
Wilson Electronics, a manufacturer of cellular amplifiers & antennas, has introduced the new “Cradle Plus,” a cell phone car cradle with a built-in antenna. When combined with a Wilson amplifier and an outside antenna, the new Cradle Plus accommodates any mobile device, and offers improved cellular signal and increased driver safety in any vehicle. The outside antenna communicates with the cell site, and the built-in cradle antenna communicates with one or multiple cell phones, depending on the amplifier used, significantly improving cell phone performance. With up to 10 times more power than a typical cell phone, the system extends signal range and strength, allowing users to communicate reliably in places they never could before.
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Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 15:30 CEST
Wilson Electronics, a leading manufacturer of cell phone amplifiers and antennas, announces release of their new product, the Wilson Signalboost. This new dual-band amplifier works with all Cellular/PCS carriers and has up to 3 watts of output power to increase your cellular signal 10 to 15 times for either voice or data service. "This new Signalboost amplifier has been carefully engineered to significantly improve the performance of your cell phone and laptop data card in both vehicle and home/office applications," said Walt Brooks, Wilson Retail Sales Manager. "Using our new universal-connect signal coupler included with the amplifier, the Signalboost works with all cell phones and laptop data cards and attaches using a Velcro patch.

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