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Thursday, March 27th 2008 - 09:30 CET
Wayfinder, the leading supplier of innovative location and navigation services for mobile phones, announced that it is introducing its Wayfinder Active application in the United States and Canada. Wayfinder Active is a free GPS application for mobile phones with a unique combination of maps, GPS recording and statistics that is designed for people who enjoy running, hiking, skiing, biking or other outdoor activities.
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Thursday, October 18th 2007 - 16:45 CEST
Wayfinder announced that a pre-installed free map application and voice guiding Wayfinder Navigator upgrade will be available for the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. The pre-installed free map application means that Nokia N810 users get a quick and handy pocket navigation map where one can position oneself on the map and see the direction and distance to any chosen location. Nokia N810 Internet Tablet users can browse detailed city maps and search for locations like addresses, WiFi hot-spots and points of interests and take advantage of associated internet links and dynamic information. The navigation application includes access to free of charge world-wide maps - available and downloadable directly to the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.
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