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Monday, April 16th 2007 - 18:10 CEST
Digit Wireless, the innovators of Fastap, a patented enabling keypad design technology, announced UTStarcom has adopted its technology to develop and market simple-to-use mobile devices featuring Fastap. The newest mobile phone from UTStarcom Personal Communications, a division of UTStarcom, Inc. will be a super sleek & slim flip phone, the GSFT779 featuring Fastap. The phone will be made available to mobile operators and their consumers throughout South and Central America.
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Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 21:14 CET
Small enough to accompany a yellow polka dot bikini and capable of snapping photos of a day at the beach, the new, itsy bitsy CDM8935 handset from UTStarcom Personal Communications, a division of UTStarcom, Inc., is one of the smallest wireless CDMA camera phones in North America. Measuring less than four cubic inches overall, the CDM8935 fits easily in the palm of your hand, into a small evening bag or in your front pocket. The CDM8935 was unveiled today at the UTStarcom booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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