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Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 02:10 CET
At the DEMO 07 conference, TeleFlip, Inc., an emerging leader in the delivery of innovative consumer communications solutions, unveiled its premier product offering, TeleFlip, a unique, patent-pending technology that allows all mobile phones to now receive, without any new software or application downloads, e-mails, calendar alerts and online content feeds such as news, weather, sports and more. By visiting TeleFlip's Web site and inputting their mobile phone number and e-mail address, consumers will be able to use this free service to receive their e-mails from any e-mail account or service, personal or business, regardless of their wireless carrier or mobile handset.
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Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 02:08 CET
TestQuest, Inc., a leader in test automation and management solutions for the wireless industry, and Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of globalization and offshoring services, announced a partnership designed to further streamline the critical testing phase of the mobile device development lifecycle. With the alliance, joint customers of TestQuest and Lionbridge can now streamline the mobile device testing process by combining innovative testing solutions from TestQuest together with outsourced testing services from Lionbridge.

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