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Wednesday, January 30th 2008 - 14:35 CET
Sony announced "TransferJet", a new Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology enabling the high speed transfer of large data files (photos, HD images, etc.) between electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital video cameras, computers and TVs. Using this technology, data can be sent at speeds of 560Mbps. Sony will present reference exhibits of this newly developed technology at CES International, to be held in Las Vegas from January 7th.
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Thursday, November 8th 2007 - 19:00 CET
Oki Electric Industry announced it has started a contract assembly service for W-CSP (Wafer level Chip Sized Package) semiconductors using through-hole technology. With this technology, OKI’s customers such as sensor and camera module manufacturers can now obtain camera modules that are half the size of conventional modules. In September, OKI established a volume production line for through-whole technology based WCSP assembly at its production site in Tokyo and started operation in October.
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Thursday, October 18th 2007 - 16:02 CEST
EMagin Corporation, a leader in OLED and personal display technologies, will demonstrate the latest innovations in power-efficient microdisplays and applications in Washington State’s booth at the 2007 China Hi-Tech Fair. The exhibition will be held in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition from October 12 through 17. Visitors to the eMagin exhibit will be able to experience virtual imaging first hand with a modification of eMagin’s award-winning Z800 3DVisor from e-MDT that delivers 3D video from a portable video player.
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Wednesday, October 10th 2007 - 19:30 CEST
Renesas Technology America, Inc. announced two new application processors in the SH-Mobile series, expanding the number of devices with the very low power multimedia capability. The SH-MobileL3V2 offers additional video formats, high-resolution video capture and enhanced functionality to control image quality. The small-package SH-MobileUL provides excellent cost performance and is suitable for use in popular mainstream mobile phone models. These processors will accelerate the proliferation of advanced multimedia capture and playback on mobile phones and portable media players, enabling both advanced systems that offer higher image quality, as well as lower-priced systems that offer TV and other multimedia features.
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Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 21:00 CEST
Philips is introducing the 3D WOWzone, a large 132¬inch (335 cm) multi-screen 3D wall, designed to grab people's attention with 3D multimedia presentations. By creating a 'spell¬binding' 3D experience, marketing professionals can use this eye catcher to increase brand and product awareness in larger public spaces at events, exhibitions, reception areas and theme parks. The out-of-screen 3D effects fascinate viewers and holds their attention for longer than standard 2D images, thereby making 3D a valuable marketing tool. No glasses are needed to view the Philips 3D WOWzone and it gives marketeers an element of surprise that leaves their target audience with an amazing and entertaining 3D multimedia experience.
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Monday, August 27th 2007 - 18:56 CEST
Nexage, a leading mobile video solution provider, announced the launch of their Click to Video mobile advertising solution. Advertisers can use the Click to Video landing page service, which is based on Nexage’s PhoneCast platform, to deliver mobile video Ad campaigns accessible to 550 million mobile phones consisting of over 450 phones models operating on more than 350 wireless networks worldwide.
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Thursday, August 16th 2007 - 22:04 CEST
DigiSoft and Tech Mahindra announced the release of DigiTracker to the global market. DigiTracker is a world first for digital interactive TV. The product is specifically designed for global IPTV operators to allow tracking of mobile phones by viewers. This new opt-in application will allow TV viewers such as parents to see the current location of their children's mobile phone on their TV screen. It will also allow text or SMS messages to be sent to that phone. DigiTracker uses integrations to Location Based Services (LBS) and mapping systems to enable the plotting of a mobile location on a map and display it on the TV thus allowing for the first time ever, parents to know exactly where their children are at any time.
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Monday, August 13th 2007 - 15:14 CEST
Winbond Electronics Corporation America introduced a new highly integrated USB audio controller for the fastest growing area of the VoIP telephony market. The Winbond W681308 can be designed in all application segments of a Skype or other PC-based VoIP system and substantially speeds design time and time-to-market, increases system reliability and significantly lowers system cost. The Winbond W681308 is the latest addition to Winbond’s growing family of USB Audio Controllers.
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Friday, August 10th 2007 - 17:41 CEST
The WiMAX Forum, an industry-led non-profit organization committed to promoting and certifying interoperable WiMAX products, today announced that Vodafone, the world's leading international mobile Communications group, has become a principal member of the WiMAX Forum. WiMAX technology is set to allow high-speed internet access from laptops and other mobile devices over larger distances than previous technologies such as Wi-Fi. "Our membership of the WiMAX Forum will complement our existing memberships of other key industry bodies such as the GSMA, 3GPP and the Next Generation Mobile Network initiative," said Steve Pusey, Global Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone.
Read: WiMAX Forum
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Friday, August 3rd 2007 - 14:39 CEST
Skyworks Solutions, an innovator of high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors enabling mobile connectivity, announced that Samsung is leveraging its Helios II-Plus EDGE radios and industry leading Intera front-end modules (FEMs) for their Ultra Series handsets including the SGH-U600 and SGH-U700. Samsung’s Ultra Edition models deliver some of the latest advances in technology and multimedia functionality, creating some of the slimmest and most powerful handsets. Designed with the user experience in mind, these slider models feature a 3 megapixel camera, high-speed Web connectivity, extensive multimedia and audio capabilities, and jewel-inspired casing.

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