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Monday, July 9th 2012 - 12:26 CEST
Wolfson Microelectronics has announced that its ultra low power HD Audio Hub, the WM1811, has been selected by Samsung for inclusion in its highly-anticipated new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. This announcement builds on Wolfson’s strong partnership with Samsung, having already designed Wolfson’s WM8994 HD Audio Hub into several of its leading-edge smartphones, including the Samsung Wave and Galaxy S. Featuring class leading technology, the Wolfson WM1811 HD Audio Hub for Samsung Galaxy S3 provides crystal-clear voice call quality and enriched audio playback for music and video while minimising power consumption, enabling manufacturers such as Samsung to create outstanding HD Audio user experiences with long battery life.
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Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 11:00 CEST
High Capacity mobile browsing on feature Smartphones. InfoGin, a global market leader of mobile browsing solutions that enable carriers and publishers to provide the ultimate browsing experiences on any mobile device, announced the availability of a high capacity mobile browsing solution that enables carriers to significantly increase their revenues from traffic on feature Smartphones. Along with its mobile content adaptation capabilities, InfoGin’s high capacity browsing solution offers traffic optimization that helps carriers overcome data traffic congestions caused by the ever increasing rise in mobile data consumption, as well as providing users with a faster browsing experience.
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Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 23:40 CET
Varioptic, the liquid lens company, announced that it has developed its first liquid lens. The Varioptic A316S offering Optical Image Stabilization functionality to camera phones. Varioptic’s Autofocus liquid lenses are used in consumer, medical and industrial devices ranging from full HD DV camcorders, bar code readers, security cameras, dental cameras to machine vision cameras. Liquid lenses have been in production since January 2007 and more recently, ramping mass production, with Japanese partner Seiko Instruments Inc. Varioptic has now finalized the next generation of Optical Image Stabilization liquid lenses, correcting handshake.
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Monday, January 4th 2010 - 23:30 CET
According to Thomson Reuters Global Intellectual Property Report Global Patent Analysis Shows Accelerated Growth in 3D Television, Photography and Cinematic Technologies. 3D interest does not stop in Hollywood. According to an analysis of world patent activity published today by the IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters, Coming Soon in 3D… Everything, consumers will soon be able to experience 3D technology on their televisions at home. The report tracks unique inventions published in patent applications and granted patents from 2003 to 2009 to identify the areas showing the sharpest growth over the last five years.
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Wednesday, November 18th 2009 - 20:00 CET
Antennas for Mobile Devices: New Technologies, New Opportunities," from the Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Component market research service, explores new cell phone antenna technologies and the companies helping to avert an impending crisis in cell phone antennas. Asif Anwar, Director of the GaAs and High Speed Semiconductor service, added, “As outlined in the report, the new cell phone antenna technologies will add a new dimension to the cellular RF front business, affecting power amp, switch-module, filter and chipset suppliers, as well as the way OEMs do business.”
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Wednesday, July 8th 2009 - 19:40 CEST
NXP, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, unveiled the world's first truly industry standard Near Field Communication (NFC) controller, delivering a fully compliant platform for handset manufacturers and operators to introduce the next generation NFC devices and services. The new NXP PN544 chip is based on the latest NFC specifications and functionality by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI). The NFC functionality of this chip will enable mobile phone users to access a new range of contactless applications such as mobile payments, transport and event ticketing as well as data sharing directly from the mobile phone SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) for improved on-the-go experience.
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Tuesday, March 10th 2009 - 15:52 CET
The GSMA and 17 leading mobile operators and manufacturers announced that they are committed to implementing a cross-industry standard for a universal charger for new mobile phones. The aim of the initiative, led by the GSMA, is to ensure that the mobile industry adopts a common format for mobile phone charger connections and energy-efficient chargers resulting in an estimated 50 per cent reduction in standby energy consumption, the potential elimination of up to 51,000 tonnes of duplicate chargers and the enhancement of the customer experience by simplifying the charging of mobile phones.
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Thursday, February 19th 2009 - 23:56 CET
At the 2009 GSMA Mobile World Congress, Dolby Laboratories, unveiled details of Dolby Media Generator, a pre-processing and encoding solution for mobile multimedia content. The company is also showing the latest Dolby Mobile implementation on the LG ARENA (LG-KM900) mobile phone, the first handset for the global market to deliver a surround sound experience for multimedia content. Dolby is demonstrating how Dolby Media Generator will complement Dolby Mobile. Together, they will offer a dual-ended solution to enhance mobile entertainment delivered over the air to mobile phones.
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Thursday, May 8th 2008 - 00:45 CEST
With their wide range of integrated infotainment functions, the premium cars produced by the BMW Group have long since entered the realm of “networked vehicles”. One of the major challenges here lies in how to link up the multimedia devices - which come onto the market in quick succession - to the car in a user-friendly way. Having integrated a mobile device into the car, there needs to be a control system in place inside the passenger compartment which ensures that it can be operated intuitively, without causing distraction and in an ergonomically sound manner. The application itself and customer-specific data remain within the mobile device, while its operation and output are handled by the vehicle’s HMI (Human Machine Interface).
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Saturday, May 3rd 2008 - 08:30 CEST
MTI Micro Fuel Cells, the developer of Mobion off-the-grid portable power solutions and a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Incorporated, unveils a new embedded micro fuel cell prototype design for handheld global positioning system ("GPS") devices at the 10th Annual International Small Fuel Cells Conference in Atlanta. MTI Micro will exhibit a micro fuel cell powered GPS prototype at booth number 101, alongside its full range of functional prototypes for use in handheld electronic devices.
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