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Monday, March 14th 2011 - 17:20 CET
Sonim introduced a new rugged phone : The Sonim XP3300 Force, an ultra-rugged MRM-ready handset designed to help enterprises and government organizations locate, track and manage mobile workers, their tasks and assets. Built on lessons learned from serving 500.000 customers with the toughest jobs on earth, some who work 16 hour shifts, Sonim's XP3300 Force rugged phone helps maximize workforce efficiency, minimize downtime and enhance safety in industries such as transportation, logistics and utilities.
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Friday, November 27th 2009 - 23:25 CET
On Wednesday, 19th of November, Sonim proudly presented its new partner concerning the product launch of a new rugged mobile phone. The brand is known for its great reliability, and introduces the phone in collaboration with car manufacturer Land Rover. During an event at Land Rover, which took place in Beesd, the Netherlands, Roy Vervenne, Sonim's General Manager in the Benelux, admitted to be very happy to have Land Rover as its partner. Especially while the car manufacturer Land Rover produces products which are extremely skilled, and are able to function under the very toughest of conditions. In short; a perfect match with the robust mobile phones of Sonim.
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Monday, May 11th 2009 - 13:00 CEST
The craving for many phone functions makes it difficult to find a truly old-fashioned, reliable mobile phone without too much additional functionality. Current mobile phones are also more fragile than before, and repair costs out of proportion. This is bad news for a large group of consumers working in physically demanding jobs who need a strong phone that can stand a few bumps. Sonim offers a solution to this group: the Sonim XP3 Enduro. Able to handle a few bumps is even an understatement: you have to exceed yourself in order to be able to damage this mobile phone!

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