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Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 12:23 CEST
SanDisk Corporation announced the SanDisk Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I memory cards, the ideal companions for users who want fast expanded memory for the newest smartphones, tablets and cameras. The SanDisk microSDXC card is equipped with the fastest speeds available on the market, with up to 80MB/sec read and up to 50MB/sec write speeds, allowing faster shot-to-shot performance, rapid data transfer, fast action photography, continuous burst mode and quick file transfers. Additionally, this memory card is an ideal choice for Android-powered devices with 64GB of capacity, providing an instant storage upgrade for capturing and keeping data.
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Tuesday, November 13th 2012 - 14:10 CET
SanDisk microSDHC review - microSDHC cards are the most compact flash memory cards, designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Halfway through this year, SanDisk introduced the Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I memory card, available in an 8GB as well as a 16GB version. The new SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDHC memory card delivers professional performance. The card achieves exceptional writing and reading speeds. Moreover, this flash memory card is waterproof, temperature resistant, and shock resistant. We received the 16GB Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I memory card from SanDisk, it is high time we examine this fast memory card closely.

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Friday, July 3rd 2009 - 14:30 CEST
SanDisk manufacturer of flash memory cards for consumer electronics introduced the fastest 32GB SDHC memory card on the commercial market. The 32GB SanDisk Extreme SDHC memory card at up to 30 megabytes per second read and write speeds combines industry-leading performance with massive storage capacity, helping digital photography enthusiasts utilize the advanced features of today’s flash based camcorders. SanDisk SDHC 32GB cards will be shipping worldwide to major retailers and shops in August. Also in August, the current 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacity SanDisk Extreme SDHC flash memory cards will be upgraded from Class 6 to Class 10.
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Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 22:50 CEST
SanDisk Corporation announced the SanDisk Netbook SDHC removable flash memory card, offering consumers an easy and affordable way to significantly increase their netbooks’ storage capacity. Consumers simply insert the SanDisk Netbook SDHC card into a netbook’s card slot to add capacity instantly. This news expands upon the previously announced next-generation SanDisk pSSD product family, which serve as drop-in replacements for hard disk drives (HDDs) in netbooks.
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Sunday, May 3rd 2009 - 22:33 CEST
SanDisk, the inventor and world’s largest supplier of flash storage cards, announced that four new 1,000-song, genre-specific slotRadio cards are available for sale. The new slotRadio cards (starting at $39.99 MSRP, U.S.) give consumers instant access to some of their favorite styles of music, including Rock, Country, Oldies and Hip Hop and R&B. Each new SlotRadio card contains several hand-crafted playlists featuring songs from Billboard’s top charting artists. Designed to be paired with the SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player, the plug-and-play music cards deliver true music enjoyment.
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Sunday, March 15th 2009 - 17:30 CET
SanDisk announced that LG Electronics’ latest fully loaded LG Arena (LG-KM900) multimedia handset will include SanDisk’s iNAND 8 gigabyte (GB) Embedded Flash Drive (EFD). The SanDisk iNAND storage device will be utilized by the LG Arena handset as both a boot and data storage device, eliminating the need for a separate boot device. “Fast and reliable digital storage is essential to LG’s mobile multimedia user experience,” said Mr. Kwak Woo Young, Executive Vice President of LG Electronics Mobile Handset R&D Center. “Because of this, we’ve chosen top-of-the-line SanDisk memory for our new LG Arena multimedia phone.”
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Monday, January 19th 2009 - 19:00 CET
SanDisk and LG Electronics successfully demonstrated a new technology for mobile phones that enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to offer their customers multimedia-rich services using removable flash memory cards. The demonstration, using the new LG Renoir (LG KC910) mobile phone, ensures that content preloaded in these memory cards can only be used in approved handsets and marks the beginning of a new era in mobile phone service and content distribution.
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Friday, January 9th 2009 - 00:35 CET
SanDisk announced a 2 Gigabyte 2 Rock Band 2 SD gaming card, significantly increasing the storage capacity available to gamers using the Nintendo Wii console. This memory boost enables users to conveniently store additional content without worrying about running out of space. The SanDisk 2GB Rock Band 2 SD gaming card is expected to be available for U.S. retailers this Spring, and carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $12.99.
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Thursday, January 8th 2009 - 09:53 CET
SanDisk, the inventor and world’s largest supplier of flash storage cards, unveiled the new SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player and companion line of slotRadio music cards designed especially for the casual music consumer. The SanDisk Sansa slotRadio music player is a small, stylish, portable music device that comes bundled with a slotRadio card preloaded with 1,000 songs handpicked from the Billboard charts, and professionally arranged into a variety of genre-themed playlists.
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Wednesday, January 7th 2009 - 21:43 CET
SanDisk, a global leader in flash memory products, announced at the CES 2009 in Las Vegas that it will be shipping its 16 gigabyte (GB) SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) mobile memory cards - the world’s largest removable flash storage capacity for cell phones - in January 2009. This increased memory capacity, coupled with the high performance of the SanDisk Mobile Ultra flash memory line, allows consumers to further take advantage of the many storage-intensive features offered by today’s multimedia cell phones such as music playback, digital photo and video camera functions, gaming and GPS applications.

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