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Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 14:25 CET
A nicely remarkable appearance was the introduction of the so-called Puma phone. It is a new smartphone that was created through intense collaboration between Puma and Sagem. We must admit that at first we were a bit skeptical. It is nice to collaborate, and ride on each other’s coattails, but after a first encounter, this Sagem Puma solar smartphone seems to be a pretty good thing. In terms of hardware, this Puma phone is not really remarkable, except of course its start screen. With a display format of 2.8-inches and a pretty standard resolution, these are not features with which the Puma phone can distinguish itself.
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Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 12:45 CET
PUMA AG and Sagem Wireless unveil at the Mobile World Congress the much anticipated PUMA phone. The new PUMA phone is not like all those other phones; its design, from on-board features and technology to unique user interface to connected services reflects the DNA of the PUMA's brand. Completely custom designed from the inside out, the Sagem PUMA phone is an uber friendly device engineered to facilitate and encourage an active way of life both digitally and physically. The PUMA phone will be available through mobile network operators across greater Europe and on PUMA online store from April 2010, with international markets following.
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Wednesday, February 20th 2008 - 23:00 CET
Sagem Mobiles unveils the Sagem my750X in Barcelona, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM). The Sagem my750X is a mobile handset for cool urbanites looking for design, technology and multimedia features. The newly launched Sagem my750X is a thoroughbred. Running a dual-mode HSDPA / EDGE protocol, it boasts ultra-fast downlink and uplink speeds. Designed for freetime, the my 750X features a 3.2-megapixel camera, a VGA camera with x6 digital zoom for video telephony, a high-resolution (240x230 pixel, 256Kcolor) 2.4-inch QVGA screen, plus music player (mp3 and AAC) and video recording/playback.
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Wednesday, February 20th 2008 - 21:50 CET
During the Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM) in Barcelona, Sagem Mobiles unveils a new mobile phone with a design inspired by the leading trends of 2008, the Sagem my721X 'So Ice'. Resolutely modern, its elegant, understated lines perfectly complement the brushed aluminum. As indispensable accessory to everyday life, the Sagem my721X So Ice mobile phone reflects the lifestyle of consumers who wish to surround themselves with top-quality objects selected for both their esthetics and their utility.
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Wednesday, February 20th 2008 - 21:00 CET
For the Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM) in Barcelona, Sagem Mobiles unveils the DVB-SH-compatible Sagem myMobileTV. Not only does it offer TV playback via next-generation DVB-H and DVB-SH broadcasting, it also opens up access to the very best in top-of-the-range multimedia offerings. Sagem Mobiles confirm its technological leadership with a new model incorporating DVBSH technology, the key for access to mobile TV services broadcasted either via satellite or DTT (by implementing DVB-H and DVB-SH technologies). Coupling these two technologies provides access to a higher level of services depending on the country or region the consumer is in.
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Sunday, February 17th 2008 - 21:00 CET
For the Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM) in Barcelona, Sagem Mobiles (Safran Group), official partner of the French Open for the third year running, unveils Roland Garros by Sagem, an all new model but every bit as elegant and dedicated to tennis. Elegantly-styled with the trademark Roland-Garros signature and sleek white and grey finishing, the Roland Garros my511X mobile phone by Sagem was designed not just for sports fans but also people equally passionate about styling. The elegant and sophisticated lines highlight an understated yet fashion-conscious design.
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Sunday, February 17th 2008 - 01:11 CET
At the Mobile World Congress trade show, held in Barcelona, Sagem Mobiles unveils the Sagem my855C, a flip-phone with understated, elegant lines and the very latest in mobile technologies. The Sagem my855C is as pleasing to the eye as it is easy to use, as personified in the direct music access buttons. This black and chrome model is packed with details that make it an absolute gem: a screen with metal adornment, and stylish ergonomic silver buttons including a navigator providing intuitive access to the menus.
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Monday, October 15th 2007 - 00:00 CEST
Some very exclusive trendy mobile phones were presented during a special event in the Mansion in Amsterdam organized by The Phone House, Europe's largest independent retailer for Mobile Phones. These stylish, limited version design phones proof the maturity of the mobile phone market at which design and life style play an important role besides features and business functionality. The Phone House do adapt to this need by incorporating various Limited Collection cell phones in their assortment.
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Tuesday, February 20th 2007 - 00:10 CET
DiBcom is pleased to announce that its DVB-H demodulator chip (DIB70xx-H series) has been selected by Sagem Communication for integration in its new mobile phone myMobileTV offering users the possibility of viewing television on this newly designed, elegant and ergonomic handset. “The proven performance of DiBcom’s DVB-H receiver both in terms of reception and sensitivity, even at very high speeds, guarantees a high quality of service for both mobile operators and users alike”, said Thierry Buffenoir, Managing Director of Sagem Communication.
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Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 03:32 CET
Sagem Communication unveils its new entry-level mobile phones. Although the focus is on simplicity and functionality, they are nevertheless elegantly-designed and user-friendly. Both will strongly appeal to users who just want a phone that does its job. Looking for a mobile that lets you telephone confidently without getting lost in overcomplicated functional features? Don't want the constant hassle of worrying about recharging the battery? Need something with street-creditability? Want to keep upgrading without breaking the bank? In short, you don't want some kind of gadget-ridden multimedia device!
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