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Wednesday, August 19th 2009 - 13:00 CEST
Whether you’re going to the beach, to the swimming pool or on a mountain biking tour; also in summer time, our mobile phones come with us wherever we go and at any time. That makes the summer quite a risky time for our phone, considering the fact that sand, dust and moisture are often the main causes of damage to our beloved mobile phones. That is why there have always been manufacturers that produce mobile phones that can withstand a bump and a drop of water. The Samsung B2100 Xplorer certainly is such a nice, fairly compact, solid and shockproof mobile phone.

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Sunday, August 16th 2009 - 15:20 CEST
Nearly every mobile phone lets you enjoy your favorite music, wherever you are. However, there are phones that take things just one step further; these are the genuine music phones. Just about every well-respected A-brand offers this type of phone within their assortment. The built-in speakers of music phones tend to be of a slightly higher quality and the phone generally provides quick access buttons to music functionalities. In addition to the Samsung Beat music phone, a special BeatDJ application has been developed for this phone. This enables the user to get even more out of his/her music.

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Friday, July 17th 2009 - 21:50 CEST
Many electronic devices produce sound, whether it's an MP3 player, a mobile phone, a PC or a game computer; in many cases, sound is an added value. The quality however does vary at times. DRD offers the solution by launching the R1 mini theatre audio enhancer. This compact gadget can be connected to the 3.5mm connection of any device and serves to optimize the sound quality. We received the DRD R1 from the Dutch distributor Digitrading, and tested it with several pieces of video/audio equipment.

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Thursday, July 16th 2009 - 13:30 CEST
The operating system often proves vital to your opinion on the user-friendliness of the phone, and also reveals a lot about its speed and applicability. Until recently, Windows Mobile or Symbian was generally used for the corporate market, but these days, this selection has been expanded by the arrival of the Apple and Google Android operating system. Unfortunately, I was not able to personally test the HTC G1, but my first impression of the Google Android operating system on the HTC Magic is very positive indeed.

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Wednesday, July 1st 2009 - 00:50 CEST
If you travel by car nowadays, you never have to worry about directions, since we all have a car navigation system at our disposal. But what if you are traveling by another means and in an unfamiliar area? That's when an outdoor GPS device comes in handy. Regardless of whether you're an outdoor sportsman, cyclist, biker, walker, tourist or recreationist, this GPS receiver will always make sure you're able to find your way back. We received the Wintec G-Trender WSG-1000, an outdoor GPS handheld, to put it through the test.

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Friday, June 26th 2009 - 10:15 CEST
The Touch Diamond was one of the most outstanding phones from the HTC assortment. However, developments and innovative communication solutions occur at a dazzling speed. This is why a successful phone like the HTC Diamond is not able to live on its popularity forever, and is in fact more likely to pave the path for prolongation of the success for its successor, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 in this case. The HTC Diamond 2 still has a chic appearance and has been sharpened as far as specifications go in order to maintain a good position within the competitive market.

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Monday, June 8th 2009 - 14:50 CEST
Many recently introduced mobile phones feature a touchscreen. Although it is considered a trend, not everybody seems keen to rely solely on a touchscreen, and it are exactly these consumers that demand a general keypad. They're hesitant to switch to a full touchscreen operated mobile phone. The solution for this group is the Samsung Tocco S8300. This mobile phone combines a general numeric keypad with a touchscreen, thus providing the user with two operating options. We have extensively tested whether this combination is convenient in practice.

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Friday, June 5th 2009 - 13:30 CEST
Creative is continuously expanding and developing new ways to bring the media players to perfection, not only when it comes to music, but also their appearance. The Creative Zen Mozaic is a fine example of this striving. This player has all the features of the original Zen onboard and really stands out thanks to its almost unique appearance. The Creative Zen Mozaic proves that Creative is still experimenting with the appearance of its MP3 media players, and far from finished with the Zen series.

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Wednesday, June 3rd 2009 - 22:45 CEST
This time I am reviewing a device made for the serious cyclist; the Garmin Edge 705 HR. The many possibilities of this advanced bike computer specifically target this group. Navigation software can also be used, however; that is not the core value of this device. The Garmin Edge is a training device, supporting training sessions. Not only in its ability to register performance like speed, distance and heart rate, but also to plan workouts.

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Tuesday, May 26th 2009 - 20:11 CEST
The year 2008 was very successful for LG. Not only thanks to the worldwide sales of 100 million mobile phones, but also because of having conquered a significantly larger market share. As a result of the high sales numbers, LG is well on its way to reach a solid Top 3 ranking. And with the many product introductions announced by LG Electronics, this aim may well become reality. The announced cooperation with Windows Mobile shows that LG has definitely gone into a different direction, together with the new LG user interface, it will suit everybody’s needs.

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