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Monday, December 21st 2009 - 21:50 CET
With the latest top hit, the Nokia N97, still on the store shelves, the Nokia N97 Mini complements the range. Not all that long ago, the Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia launched the first mobile phone with touchscreen onto the market; the Nokia 5800. After testing it, the Nokia 5800 left us with a positive feeling. With the recent launch of the Nokia N97, the first touchscreen phone from the multimedia N series became a fact. Besides this kind of large all-rounder, a smaller version is now available for the enthusiast.

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Sunday, December 6th 2009 - 18:30 CET
Satmap launched its first product, the Active 10, at the end of 2007. The launch in itself was a good initiative, while there are not that many suppliers for this type of GPS devices, and it is always good to have a bit of a competition. Reading on the Internet about the Active 10, particularly at the time the business was just taking off, we find many complaints, partially correct and partially caused by the greater comfort other devices offer. Gradually through time, the tone of the comments has changed, although this did require several updates and a price cut.

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Friday, November 27th 2009 - 23:25 CET
On Wednesday, 19th of November, Sonim proudly presented its new partner concerning the product launch of a new rugged mobile phone. The brand is known for its great reliability, and introduces the phone in collaboration with car manufacturer Land Rover. During an event at Land Rover, which took place in Beesd, the Netherlands, Roy Vervenne, Sonim's General Manager in the Benelux, admitted to be very happy to have Land Rover as its partner. Especially while the car manufacturer Land Rover produces products which are extremely skilled, and are able to function under the very toughest of conditions. In short; a perfect match with the robust mobile phones of Sonim.
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Monday, November 23rd 2009 - 14:25 CET
High resolution digital cameras are no longer an exception on mobile phones. It started a few years ago with an integrated VGA camera, which we thought to be very innovative at the time. Currently, however, there are phones on the market featuring an 8.0 or even 12.0 Megapixel camera. Yet the difference in quality does not go unnoticed. Whereas all the attention seems to go to the snapshot camera, the video capture function seems to have been pushed into the background a little bit. However, the Samsung HD now changes this, and actually emphasizes a HD video function.

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Tuesday, November 17th 2009 - 13:50 CET
With the rise of the Internet, the opportunity to exchange data in large quantities has become widely available. Many programs and Web pages are more than eager to use this option. The current mobile phone is likely to have an internet connection at its disposal. This woke up several phone manufacturers, among which Sony Ericsson, which has resulted in a music portal that even allows the owner of a mobile phone to choose from a wide array of music and download it immediately. We have tested the Sony Ericsson W9965 including its PlayNow Plus service.

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Saturday, November 14th 2009 - 21:30 CET
With the arrival of the new version of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.5, HTC was the first to introduce smartphones using this new OS. Besides the previously introduced HTC Diamond 2 and the HTC Touch Pro 2, which both included a free update to get Windows Mobile 6.5 via the HTC website, HTC has now launched the HTC Touch 2 and the HTC HD 2 onto the market with the new version of Windows Mobile already preinstalled. HTC has renamed the new smartphones that feature this software to; Windows Phones.

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Friday, October 30th 2009 - 22:30 CET
The Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia uses special types of operating systems for the different categories of their mobile phones. Besides the standard S40 software, the smartphones run on Symbian; a well-known operating system which also goes by the name of S60. Symbian was developed by a joint venture between Nokia and several other phone manufacturers. At the beginning of 2008, Nokia bought out the other participants and became the sole shareholder, which implies Nokia wants to get more out of the Symbian system. The Nokia N86 makes also use of Symbian S60.

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Monday, October 26th 2009 - 12:45 CET
Digital reading being the new way of reading is pretty much a fact by now. We simply can't get around it, since there are thousands of digital copies being sold on, while at the same time we witness an increasing amount of E-readers. Sony and have set their heart on digital reading, and are hoping for an actual reading evolution. Digital books have been available for quite a while now on various websites, and also offers digital books in the ePub format that is perfect to read on the Sony E-readers. The latest model is the Sony Reader Pocket Edition.

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Thursday, October 22nd 2009 - 15:23 CEST
The Samsung i8910, also known as Samsung Omnia HD, is the world's first mobile phone enabling video capture and play-back in High Definition. Video capture is becoming increasingly popular, not only in a digital camera or traditional camcorder, but also, more and more often High Definition video is enabled by a mobile phone. The Samsung GT-i8910 may be the first, however, the latest news regarding the availability of a new OMAP 4 (in 2010 available) platform will make it possible to integrate 1080p High Definition video standard in a cell phone.

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Thursday, October 22nd 2009 - 15:20 CEST
The Sony Ericsson W995 is a true multimedia phone, excellent when it comes to audio, in particular when the SE W995 is used combined with the PlayNow service of Sony Ericsson. However, the W995 is not a so-called Walkman phone, it has other powerful features such as the 8 Megapixel autofocus digital camera with several functionalities; for example, face detection, macro, exposure metering etc.

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