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Monday, April 14th 2008 - 08:56 CEST
The Samsung F700 Smartphone's most obvious features are the full (QWERTY) keyboard and of course the touchscreen. The Samsung F700 has a beautiful appearance and carries one single button on the front. This cell phone has no apparent predecessors actually. Earlier phones with a full keyboard are found in the L-series of Samsung and are somewhat more businesslike. It makes us quite curious as to what this Samsung F700 has to offer.
Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 13:39 CET
The Samsung S5 multimedia player is the successor to the Samsung K5. The new Samsung YP-S5 is slightly smaller and lighter than its predecessor. Some issues emerged from the previous test on the K5 that could do with some improvement. For instance; video playback is not possible on the Samsung K5. The following Samsung YP-S5 review reveals whether the Samsung S5 does offer this option and it reveals everything else this multimedia player has to offer.
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Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 21:22 CET
The Samsung G800 is a camera phone offering numerous functions. Samsung claim that the G800 is capable of competing with a compact camera thanks to its five Megapixel camera, 3x optical zoom and xenon flash. We have tested the Samsung SGH-G800 extensively for a period of time. Our findings can be read in the following LetsGoMobile Samsung G800 review.
Thursday, November 1st 2007 - 14:13 CET
During a mixed dealer and press event in London, Samsung officially announced the Samsung G800 camera phone. The high resolution 5 Megapixel Samsung G800 is an enhanced version of the G600. Samsung introduce the new G800 camera phone as a striking digital camera that can also be used as a mobile phone. Read our report about the extensive features of this camera phone.
Saturday, October 27th 2007 - 16:48 CEST
The Samsung i620 is a small HSDPA supporting model with built-in QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung SGH-i620 is equipped with a 2 Megapixel digital camera without flash. Samsung finally seem to offer a trendy model with extensive specifications to the mobile business user. We have had the Samsung i620 in our possession some time in order to test it thoroughly. The results can be read in the LetsGoMobile Samsung i620 review.
Thursday, October 4th 2007 - 11:15 CEST
The Samsung G600 mobile phone features a 5 Megapixel digital camera, with which Samsung belong to the high Megapixel segment, like for example the Nokia N95 or Sony Ericsson K850. The SGH-G600 has extensive characteristics and has a great price-quality ratio, if we may believe the specifications of Samsung. If the Samsung G600 really fits into the high Megapixel segment can be read in our Samsung SGH-G600 review.
Sunday, August 5th 2007 - 11:00 CEST
Samsung’s Ultra Edition keeps getting more expansive, the phones are more and more innovative, and there seems to be a phone for everyone in the Ultra Edition line. We received a Samsung SGH-U600 multimedia design telephone from Samsung, with a lot of fun and handy functions. You can read how the phone performed in our Samsung U600 review.
Monday, June 25th 2007 - 12:35 CEST
The Samsung X830 is a fun MP3 phone which is very progressive for the mobile phone market. The Samsung X830 has a new arrangement for the numeric keys, a 1GB internal memory and a jog dial. Whether or not these improvements work well in practice, can be read in the next Samson SGH-X830 review.
Friday, February 23rd 2007 - 14:47 CET
'When beauty and style meet innovation'; is a fitting sentence to describe the Samsung K5. It has a very high "wow factor". Wherever you are, you can cut a dash with the Samsung YP-K5 and let other people enjoy your music. But is the technology as well thought out as the design? You can find out in our Samsung K5 MP3 player test.
Saturday, January 6th 2007 - 05:30 CET
Samsung E900 defining features are functionality, cool appearance, pressure sensitive keys and 2 Megapixel digital camera. When we saw the Samsung SGH-E900's specifications, we had to conclude that Samsung has taken another great leap forward. It is as if they have taken all the best features from slide phones and improved on them.
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