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Sunday, November 22nd 2009 - 12:43 CET
The Samsung Omnia HD, also known as Samsung i8910 HD, certainly looks different than the average Samsung smartphone. The mobile phone, which runs on the Symbian operating system, comes with the full works. The Samsung HD features an 8.0 megapixel digital camera, a crisp 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 8GB of internal memory, HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Just how well the Samsung Omnia HD smartphone performs in daily use, you can read in the following Samsung HD review.
Friday, November 20th 2009 - 00:51 CET
In November Sonim proudly presented its new partner concerning the product launch of a new rugged mobile phone. The brand is known for its great reliability, and introduces the phone in collaboration with car manufacturer Land Rover. Read more about this perfect match with the robust mobile phones of Sonim.
Sunday, November 15th 2009 - 11:50 CET
The difference between the Walkman Phones and Cybershot Phones becomes marginal with the Sony Ericsson W995 filling the gap. This Sony Ericsson W-series mobile phone features an integrated digital camera with a resolution of 8.1 megapixel, in addition to many music functionalities. Furthermore, the Sony Ericsson W995 features a GPS antenna with A-GPS support, FM radio, WiFi and HSDPA.
Wednesday, November 11th 2009 - 21:13 CET
With the arrival of the new version of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.5, HTC was the first to introduce smartphones using this new OS, among them is the HTC HD2. The HTC Windows Phones can be recognized by the fact they all feature the physical Windows button. Read more about the integration of Windows Mobile 6.5 in the HTC HD2 smartphone.
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Friday, October 30th 2009 - 09:50 CET
The Nokia N86 is the ultimate multimedia dual-slide mobile phone, featuring an 8.0 megapixel digital camera, which is why this Nokia cell phone is also known as the N86 8MP. In addition to the high resolution digital camera including a Carl Zeiss lens, the Nokia N86 features: WiFi, HSDPA, AMOLED display, FM radio and an internal memory of 8GB. Our findings about the Nokia N86 mobile phone can be found in the following LetsGoMobile product review.
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Monday, October 26th 2009 - 10:09 CET
The Sony Reader Pocket Edition is a small pocket-sized eBook that makes it possible to carry along hundreds of books inside your pocket. The Reader Pocket Edition has a stylish appearance featuring clear buttons and icons, a fast processor, and a bright and promising e-ink screen including support of ePub, PDF, Word and JPEG format. Read our findings about this e-Reader in the following Sony Reader Pocket Edition review.
Tuesday, October 20th 2009 - 18:55 CEST
The Samsung i8910, also known as Samsung Omnia HD, is the world's first mobile phone enabling video capture and play-back in High Definition. Video capture is becoming increasingly popular, not only in a digital camera or traditional camcorder, but also, more and more often High Definition video is enabled by a mobile phone. The following Samsung i8910 photo gallery was taken in Messina (Sicily), Italy.
Tuesday, October 20th 2009 - 18:24 CEST
The Sony Ericsson W995 is a true multi-media phone, excellent when it comes to audio, in particular when the SE W995 is used combined with the PlayNow service of Sony Ericsson. However, the W995 is not a so-called Walkman phone, it has other powerful features such as the 8 Megapixel auto-focus digital camera with several functionalities; for example, face detection, macro, exposure metering etc. The following Sony Ericsson W995 photo gallery was taken in Lipari, Porta Rosa (Sicily), Salina, Italy.
Tuesday, October 20th 2009 - 18:04 CEST
The Nokia N86 smartphone has been available for a while now. The Nokia N86 features an 8 Megapixel sensor and a digital zoom function. The fact that there are only very few camera phones that feature an optical zoom, can be called remarkable. The following Nokia N86 photo gallery was taken in Porta Melina (Salina), Porta Rosa en Messina (Sicily), Italy.
Sunday, October 18th 2009 - 11:06 CEST
With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy, the Google Android fan is given a broader choice than just the HTC smartphone models. In addition to the Android operating system, the Samsung Galaxy features a 5.0 Megapixel digital camera with LED flash, 8GB internal memory, HSDPA, WiFi, AMOLED touchscreen monitor and Optic Internet. Our findings can be read in the following Samsung i7500 Galaxy review.
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