What is your favourite cell phone brand?

Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 22:21 CEST
The Packard Bell AudioKey Max MP3 player features, in addition to its MP3 function, voice recording and radio functionality. The small size and entirely black design with chrome finishing give this MP3 player a stylish and elegant appearance. The Packard Bell MP3 player is available for approximately 60 Euros, and if you want to know if this MP3 player is worth its money, read our following Packard Bell AudioKey Max review.
Friday, December 28th 2007 - 22:42 CET
The newest MP4 player of Packard Bell is the Eclipse. The Packard Bell is capable of playing audio files of MP3 and WMA (DRM) format. Furthermore the Eclipse has MPEG4, WMV and Xvid video format reproduction and JPEG picture reproduction at its disposal. The Packard Bell Eclipse is a multimedia player available in a 2GB and 4GB version, for the price of respectively 100 and 130 Euros. The version we tested is the Packard Bell Eclipse 2GB.
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