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Sunday, November 9th 2008 - 18:04 CET
The N96 is a long-awaited promising mobile phone of the Nokia brand. The internal memory of 16GB, the 5.0 Megapixel digital camera, FM radio, GPS receiver, HSDPA and of course, the mobile television function, make the Nokia N96 a fully equipped device. Just how well this cell phone functions in daily use can be read in the following LetsGoMobile full Nokia N96 product review.
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Sunday, July 13th 2008 - 09:33 CEST
The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is a device that offers many possibilities. The Internet functionality is its main feature, as the name of the device already gives away. However; in addition to surfing the Internet, the Nokia N810 lets you call via Skype, play music and video files, and Navigate. Making a regular phone call with the Nokia N810 is not enabled, since the device does not make use of a SIM card. Read our findings on the Nokia N810 in the full product review.
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Wednesday, May 21st 2008 - 08:28 CEST
The Nokia 8800 Arte is a promising model from the 8800 series. The device has a stylish, classical appearance and offers original extras such as the possibility to soothe the alarm by turning the telephone face down. You can collect all your favourite functions in the stand-by mode. In addition, the Nokia 8800 Arte has an internal memory of a huge 1GB. Read our extensive review and find out everything there is to know about the Nokia 8800 Arte mobile phone!
Monday, April 21st 2008 - 08:06 CEST
Besides introducing the N95 from the top segment, Nokia also introduced the N81. The N81 is positioned in the middle segment and aims at the young generation that likes to use a cell phone's multimedia functions. Thanks to the Nokia N81's internal memory of 8GB you won't have to fear running out of space for all your songs, videos and pictures. Read our experiences with the Nokia mobile phone in the following review.
Wednesday, March 5th 2008 - 09:50 CET
The Nokia N95 8GB is the spitting image of its predecessor, the N95. The N95 8GB is just a tad thicker and longer due to its larger monitor. HSDPA, WLAN and a 5 Megapixel digital camera including a Carl Zeiss lens, are only a few of the enhanced specifications of the Nokia N95 8GB. Besides augmentation of the memory to 8GB several more improvements have been made. Read our LetsGoMobile Nokia N95 8GB review to learn all about it.
Friday, January 18th 2008 - 21:45 CET
The Nokia N82 is a cameraphone with wide-ranging functions. The integrated five Megapixels digital camera with 20x zoom should be able to compete easily with any other digital camera according to Nokia. We were able to put the Nokia N82 to the test for some time and our findings can be read in the following LetsGoMobile Nokia N82 review.
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Thursday, November 1st 2007 - 16:40 CET
Last week Nokia organized an Xperience Zone dealer/press event in the Brabanthallen, 's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. The latest Nokia mobile phone models and accessories were spotlighted here once again. Furthermore the new Nokia mobile internet concept OVI was brought to the attention. Read all about it in our extensive report including an interview with Carmine Caione, Head of Product Marketing & Business Development, Nokia Benelux.
Friday, September 21st 2007 - 13:28 CEST
For those who like a design mobile phone, but still wants a simple device with a lot of useful multimedia functions, the Nokia N76 is recommended. The functions that the Nokia N76 features will be discussed in our Nokia N76 review.
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Wednesday, September 5th 2007 - 11:08 CEST
Nokia places more and more true innovations on the market; one of those innovations is the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic. Like the name says: the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is a music phone through and through. How well the multimedia phone performs can be read in our Nokia 5700 XpressMusic review.
Friday, June 15th 2007 - 13:58 CEST
The Nokia N95 is a real multimedia machine with brains. At least that is what Nokia would like us to believe and frankly I must say that this is not exaggerated. Of course there will always be room for improvement and new applications, but at this moment the Nokia N95 has a lot to offer. Nokia N95, a multimedia computer? Yes, without a doubt it is a mature mobile device with unbeknownst potential. How we liked the Nokia N95 can be read in the next Nokia N95 telephone test.
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