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Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 20:14 CEST
In the first quarter of this year, HTC introduced its new flagship smartphone. The HTC One is an Android smartphone with a completely new aluminum design, a new Sense user interface, a powerful 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, an Ultra Pixel camera, and beautiful stereo sound, thanks to Beats Audio. Are you curious about the HTC One’s performance? Read our complete review, including test photos, and full HD sample videos.
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Thursday, June 20th 2013 - 20:45 CEST
The HTC One SV is a stylish smartphone from the mid-range segment and runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Next to its sleek design, the HTC One SV has a clear, 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The Android smartphone has a 1.2 GHz Dual-core processor and a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus. We took the HTC One SV with us to Istanbul, Turkey, for an extensive practical test including test photos and videos.
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Sunday, October 9th 2011 - 10:36 CEST
The HTC Sensation is a complete Android HTC smartphone. The HTC smartphone is equipped with a 4,3 inch qHD super LCD screen, 8.0 megapixel digital camera, WiFi, GPS and HDMI output. A 1,2Ghz dual-core Qualcomm processor allows the phone to run nice and fast, and the renewed HTC Sense to run smoothly. Our experiences can all be found in the full LetsGoMobile HTC Sensation review.
Tuesday, December 28th 2010 - 12:14 CET
The HTC Desire HD is a versatile cell phone from HTC’s successful Desire series. The smartphone has a 4.3 inch Super LCD capacitive touchscreen, as well as an integrated GPS-antenna, Google Maps Navigation, an 8.0 megapixel digital camera with HD-video recording, HSDPA and Wi-Fi. All our experiences with this HTC cell phone can be found in the following LetsGoMobile HTC Desire HD review.
Thursday, November 25th 2010 - 14:27 CET
The HTC Desire is a complete smartphone with the Android operating system. The HTC is equipped with a 5.0 megapixel digital camera, a large, 3.7-inch touchscreen, an FM-radio, a built-in GPS antenna, HSDPA and Wi-Fi, among others. Our experiences with this HTC Android cell Phone can be read in the following LetsGoMobile HTC Desire review.
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Wednesday, August 11th 2010 - 14:56 CEST
Also the HTC Legend cell phone runs on the Android operating system. The HTC Legend is additionally equipped with HTC Sense technology, which makes the experience optimal. Further, the new HTC smartphone has a 5.0 megapixel digital camera, GPS-receiver, digital compass, FM-radio, HSDPA and WiFi. Our findings about the HTC Legend can be found in the next HTC Legend review.
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Monday, February 8th 2010 - 01:06 CET
The HTC HD2 is a mobile phone with impressive specifications. Not only since it has the largest touchscreen ever applied to a mobile phone, but also thanks to its Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. This latest version of Windows Mobile provides excellent support for internet, email and multimedia. Furthermore, the HTC HD2 includes a 5.0 megapixel digital camera, GPS antenna, Bluetooth, HSDPA and Wi-Fi.
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Wednesday, November 11th 2009 - 21:13 CET
With the arrival of the new version of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.5, HTC was the first to introduce smartphones using this new OS, among them is the HTC HD2. The HTC Windows Phones can be recognized by the fact they all feature the physical Windows button. Read more about the integration of Windows Mobile 6.5 in the HTC HD2 smartphone.
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Sunday, October 4th 2009 - 20:30 CEST
The Hero is a simlock-free HTC Android mobile phone which will be widely launched in the market. The distinctive design with the small curve is meant to give the phone a better hand-fit. Furthermore, the HTC Hero features a 3.2 inch HVGA monitor, built-in GPS antenna, digital compass, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and a 5.0 megapixel digital camera. All of our findings on the HTC Hero can be read in the following LetsGoMobile product review.
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Sunday, September 20th 2009 - 10:37 CEST
The HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 is a very complete smartphone from the HTC range. The Touch Pro2 features a large sliding QWERTY keyboard, combined with an incredibly large 3.6 inch touchscreen monitor. In addition, this HTC mobile phone features an internal GPS antenna, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, a Qualcomm MSM7200A 528MHz processor, a 3.2 megapixel digital camera, HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Read our full review!
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