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Nokia Lumia 800 review | Rating & Conclusion

Published on: Friday, January 27th 2012                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

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Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia review conclusion

T he collaboration between Nokia and Windows has led to an interesting, innovative product. Often new phones are similar to their predecessors, but with Windows Phone Mango on the Lumia 800, you have no idea that you are working with a Nokia phone, and there is no resemblance to the old Windows Mobile. The speed, the clear screen and the many applications make the Nokia Lumia 800 a good smartphone. It takes some getting used to, but it is a positive experience. This is partly due to the good support of different e-mail accounts, agenda items and contacts and the integration of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The camera allows you to capture moments anywhere you are: only you have to watch that you have focused when you push down the camera button. The phone is very decent; I personally find that the back could have a more exciting design. Overall, the Nokia Lumia 800 is a unique product.

Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone

Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone

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