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HTC Sensation review | Rating & Conclusion

Published on: Sunday, October 9th 2011                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

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HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation conclusion

H TC is bringing a fun addition to its Android smartphone portfolio with the HTC Sensation. The HTC Sense interface over the Android operating system makes it a typical HTC smartphone. The only thing I do not like is the scrolling through the menu, due to the horizontal tabs. The large screen is easy to use for multimedia applications and for viewing webpages, as even Flash websites are supported. The Friend Stream ensures that you will not miss an update from your Social Network. A fun bonus is the Widget as background of the unlock-screen. The HTC Sensation smartphone is of course equipped with all Google products and is also easy to use as a Hotspot when there is no connection available for your laptop. The camera is good, without too many setting possibilities, but it shoots good photos. All in all, it is a very complete smartphone. If we have to criticize, then it would have to be its appearance, as it is fairly boring and unoriginal. The front resembles the older HTC Desire and the back is in a league of its own, with all the diverse colors. However, that is a matter of taste and does not take away from the fun.

HTC Sensation Android smartphone review

HTC Sensation Android smartphone review

HTC Sensation smartphone review

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