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HTC Sensation review | Test photos

Published on: Sunday, October 9th 2011                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

HTC Sensation test photos

T he following HTC Sensation test photos were shot with a full production camera. This means that this HTC Sensation is the same as the smartphone that is found in stores. The HTC Sensation test photos were shot in Florida, United States. The original HTC Sensation photos can be downloaded via the links found underneath the photos.

HTC Sensation review


Download original HTC Sensation photo

Download original HTC Sensation picture

Download original HTC Sensation image


Download HTC Sensation test photo

Download HTC Sensation test picture

Download HTC Sensation test image


Download original HTC Smartphone photo

Download original HTC Smartphone picture

Download original HTC Smartphone image


Download HTC Smartphone test photo

Download HTC Smartphone test picture

Download HTC Smartphone test image

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