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Samsung Galaxy S2 review | Rating & Conclusion

Published on: Friday, October 7th 2011                   Written by: Ilse Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S2 phone functions

The Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone is equipped with diverse advanced functions such as GPS and voice recognition. The Voice Solution recognizes the voice and translates the words into text or vice versa. This allows you to record text messages, and text messages can be read to you aloud. The Samsung Galaxy S2 also supports Swype in order to write text messages extremely quickly. With one finger movement, without removing your finger from the screen, words are formed. Swype is intelligent and after typing a few letters, already forms the words.

Samsung Galaxy S-2 review

Samsung Galaxy S-2 review

Samsung i9100 smartphone

Sharing data is extremely fast with the Samsung Galaxy S2, thanks to the 1,2 GHz dual-core processor. The HSPA+21 connection increases the download speed considerably, while Bluetooth 3.0+HS decreases the time needed for data transfers. The Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone has a standard internal memory of 16GB of 32GB, which can also be extended with a microSD memory card, up to 32GB. That is sufficient memory for all your digital multimedia files. Battery performance is not shabby either; you can easily skip charging for a day.


Samsung review conclusion

T he Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone is currently high up on the lists in terms of the ´Most Popular and Best Smartphone´. That is not unexpected, as this Galaxy smartphone is very user-friendly, has a fantastic crystal clear 4.3" touch display and has all the advantages that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread has to offer. The digital camera function in the Samsung Galaxy S2 also delivers stunning photos that are truly better than some digital compact cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a retail price of about € 500.00 Euros. That is not cheap, but this gets you a top smartphone that has almost everything you could wish for. In combination with a voice subscription, the new Samsung Galaxy S2 is available for free. Please contact your local telecom store for more information about the providers concerned.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review


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