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Samsung Galaxy S review | Multimedia & Internet

Published on: Tuesday, October 19th 2010                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

Samsung Galaxy S multimedia phone

Samsung Galaxy S multimedia phone

Samsung Galaxy S music, photo and video

You can enjoy music, photos and videos everywhere, via the large screen and a good built-in speaker. The music is found in the main menu under Music and is neatly arranged in clear categories. The large, clear screen is especially meant for videos and photos. The large 4" high resolution display is good for assessing images. Next to the standard multimedia applications, the Samsung Galaxy S also has an E-book reader, called Aldiko eBook. You can download many free books. It is pretty neatly done, the books are actually found in a bookshelf. It is fun to have a look at, but not really to read a real book. Maybe you just have to get used to it, but I personally prefer to read from a larger screen. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy Tab that was introduced during the IFA.

Samsung Galaxy S Internet smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S Internet smartphone

Internet and E-Mail on your cell phone

As we often see with the Android operating system, it is very pleasant to use the web browser in the Samsung Galaxy S. Many sites are shown well, even if they are not meant for the cell phone. Zooming in is easily achieved by double-clicking or moving your fingers away from each other. Unfortunately, the Samsung I9000 does not support flash, which is something that we did find in several HTC smartphones with Android. Of course synchronization with Google works flawlessly, but also other e-mail accounts can be installed in a few simple steps. Often entering the e-mail address and password is sufficient. It is also possible to use Microsoft Exchange with the Samsung Galaxy S cell phone. Thanks to HSDPA support and Wi-Fi, diverse fast connections are also possible.


Samsung AMOLED display

T he Samsung Galaxy S I9000’s touchscreen is 4 inches in size and reacts well. That makes control easy. For typing messages, the virtual keyboard can be used horizontally as well as vertically, although the horizontal variant offers a bit more space. Next to the known data entry method, Samsung has thought up a unique way of typing called ‘Swype’. Swype forms words by simply moving from one letter to the other without letting go of the touchscreen. When you have finished a word, you let go. You get used to it in no time, so that you can type very fast. The words are formed quickly and entering spaces is automatic, it is very handy! It is definitely fun to try it out one time.

Samsung Galaxy S review

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