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iPad review | Tablet Screen

Published on: Monday, May 24th 2010                   Written by: Dennis Hissink - Photography by: Mark Peters

Apple iPad review

Apple iPad review

Display of the Apple iPad

After having charged the Apple iPad via the USB cable, which goes quite slowly for that matter, we gave it a first run. Coincidentally, it was sunny out when we were testing it, so the iPad was also taken with us to try it out while relaxing at a café terrace. This made us realize that the iPad’s display gives a bit of trouble with reflection. It depends a bit on the way in which the sunlight falls on the display, but when it starts reflecting, the iPad must inevitably be moved to a different position. Another point is, how to handle the iPad? There does not seem to be one answer to that question. Some will use the Apple iPad on their laps, while others will benefit from the many optional accessories, such as the iPad dock.

Apple iPad tablet PC

Apple iPad tablet PC

Charging the Apple iPad

Another point is that there is still a remark to be made about the charging of the iPad tablet. At first, a common way will be to attach the iPad to a notebook, Macbook, iMac or PC with the USB cable that comes included. In practice, this may not be the case for everyone. It often happens that a message appears that the iPad is not charging, as a 'heavier' USB interface is needed. For example, a keyboard such as the one that is delivered with the iMac is not able to give the iPad sufficient energy, it needs a USB interface with can deliver more energy, such as the one that is at the back of the iMac.


Apple iPad computer

W hat is often heard is that the new Apple iPad tablet is no different from being a bigger version of the iPod touch. To us that seems to be a bit simple. Although a comparison with Apple equipment can certainly be made, the iPad clearly offers a very different experience. Just take the size of the screen, which allows for a more lively experience of the content and Apps. Reading an electronic book may be possible with the iPhone, but it is not really comfortable. Looking at a video or music clip is a different viewing experience on such a small iPod. Actually, the iPad is not a product that can be compared to anything else. The product stands on its own and is expected to indeed form a new segment within the consumer electronics market.

iPad review


Apple iPad 9.7" screen

Apple iPad 9.7

Apple iPad display

The Apple iPad’s screen format is 9.7-inches and has a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Our experience with the iPad display is positive. With the exception of the sometimes bothersome reflection, the image reproduction is of absolutely high quality. The image angle is larger than what you are used to with a standard laptop or netbook, but the display does its best indoors, without any direct light on the display. The color reproduction is excellent, with great color saturation and contrast. It is remarkable how well the display handles high contrasts. The black is a deep black, with a whiter than white experience next to it! It’s great!

Apple iPad tablet review

Apple iPad tablet review

Fingerprints on the iPad screen

It is too bad, however, that the screen is susceptible to fingerprints. It may be easy to remove them, but you will need to carry a soft cloth with you for that. As the display pretty much takes up the whole face of the iPad, the chance of leaving fingerprints is very high. Whoever travels with the iPad is advised to purchase a good-quality case. We travelled with the iPad in a special laptop compartment of a backpack, and the first dents are already visible on the back of the iPad!

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