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Sony MP3 player review | Music & Video

Published on: Tuesday, March 23rd 2010                   Written by: Martijn Kooijman - Photography by: Mark Peters

Sony MP3 player

T he Sony Walkman X1050 music quality is exactly like you're used to from Sony: simply excellent, featuring full bass and rich tones. The Sony Walkman not only owes this to the MP3 player itself, but partly also to the included earplugs. Sony never underestimates the role of earplugs, and besides the fact that they are comfortable and not too bulky looking, they also provide excellent sound quality through the combination of traditional and in-ear earplugs in one. The Sony Walkman and the earplugs are a perfect match.

Sony MP3 player review


Sony MP3 music options

Like previous and related Sony Walkman MP3 players, the NWZ-X1050 also features a wide array of music improvement options. First of all, the Equalizer, which provides a number of preprogrammed settings and several tools that you can adjust yourself in order to control the five band equalizer. Secondly, the media player also features options such as: Dynamic Normalizer, Sound Enhance and Noise Reduction. These options sound advanced, however, in practice you don't actually hear a whole lot of difference between them being switched on or off. Unless you activate the Dynamic Normalizer, in which case you will immediately hear the improvement of an MP3 file through the earplugs. External speakers will show the differences in options a lot better, and with a bit of 'Trial and Error' you will get excellent sound from your Walkman.

Download and listening to podcasts

The Walkman X1050 also allows you to download and play podcasts. Downloading is easy, since Sony has a number of podcast servers available, and the browser lets you navigate to your favorite podcasts in a second. Once a podcast is downloaded, you can access it through the main menu, since these files are stored like any other files in a library on the Sony Walkman itself. This library is organized in a way that ensures you will always be able to find your music by filtering by artist, album, etc. A nice addition to this new Sony Walkman is the option to scroll through albums; all the albums will be displayed, including the album cover if possible. Simply touch the screen and scroll through the albums. The Sony Walkman NWZ-X1050 plays the following audio formats without a problem: MP3, WMA, AAC.


Sony Walkman video

Sony Walkman video

Watching videos on the Sony media player

Thanks to the OLED screen of the Sony NWZ-X1050, watching videos is a real pleasure. OLED touch screens sometimes tend to display colors slightly over-saturated, however; when watching YouTube videos or movies, I did not notice this, and hence it never disturbed me. The Sony Walkman player features Wi-Fi, a web browser and supports viewing of YouTube videos. You will get access to the mobile range, which means that not all the videos available on your pc will be available to watch on your mobile device. Yet, YouTube videos that are viewed more often than by just a handful of family and friends can still be watched. The Apple iPhone also makes use of this YouTube port.

Sony video player

Sony video player

Playing YouTube videos on the Sony X1050

As I have mentioned before, watching movies on the Walkman X1050 is pleasant, and you have enough options at your disposal to retain excellent control over the screen and playback options while playing videos. Naturally, it is also possible to resume a movie at the point where you last left it. The physical size of the screen is fine for playing YouTube videos and short movies. And even though the screen is slightly on the small side for a full Hollywood spectacle, the battery will allow you to do so, and the sound is clear. The Walkman X1050 supports the following video formats: MP4, H.264 AVC, WMC 9. Transferring files is ever so easy when using the included software, however, the software does not allow converting videos. This requires your personal video conversion software.

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