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Land Rover phone review | Rugged phone

Published on: Friday, November 20th 2009                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

Land Rover phone

O n Wednesday, 19th of November, Sonim proudly presented its new partner concerning the product launch of a new rugged mobile phone. The brand is known for its great reliability, and introduces the phone in collaboration with car manufacturer Land Rover. During an event at Land Rover, which took place in Beesd, the Netherlands, Roy Vervenne, Sonim's General Manager in the Benelux, admitted to be very happy to have Land Rover as its partner. Especially while the car manufacturer Land Rover produces products which are extremely skilled, and are able to function under the very toughest of conditions. In short; a perfect match with the robust mobile phones of Sonim.

Land Rover phone review


Land Rover Mobile phone of Sonim

Land Rover phone review

Land Rover S1 robust phone features

What makes the Sonim phones so unique, are features like: waterproof, shockproof, scratch resistant or in short: solidly rugged. With this strategy, Sonim reaches only a small group of people in the mobile telephony market, approximately 5% of the total market. Among them mainly adventurers or people with heavy outdoor work, which is where mobile phones often get damaged.

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