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Samsung Galaxy review | Android Market & GPS

Published on: Sunday, October 18th 2009                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

Samsung Galaxy mobile MP3 player

Samsung Galaxy mobile MP3 player

Playing Music on your phone

Naturally, the Samsung Galaxy has been equipped with an MP3 player. All music present is arranged in the main menu under Music. Upon opening the music player, four large icons are displayed: Artists, Albums, Songs and Play lists. This straightforward portal makes it easy to quickly find your music. The content is refreshed automatically. The built-in speaker lets you enjoy your music straight away, and if you'd rather listen to your music in private, you can opt to use the included headset. Additionally, any random 3.5mm headset can be used with the Samsung Galaxy.

Google Android Market

Google Android Market

Download applications via the Android Market

As we are used to from the Google Android operating system by now, we also find the Android Market in the main menu of the Samsung Galaxy. This online toy-store for the Android fan offers access to many applications, which can be downloaded for a fee or entirely free of charge. Thanks to the open character of the platform, everybody is allowed to offer applications, thus creating beautiful, convenient programs. In addition to applications, you also find games and such in the Android Market. We came across an application to display text messages the same way the iPhone does a handy task manager and even a barcode scanner searching the cheapest price on the internet of the scanned product.


Samsung Galaxy navigation

T he internal GPS antenna allows you to always determine your location, in combination with the Google Maps application as well as through one of the (free) navigation solutions from the Android Market. In addition to this application, the Samsung Galaxy offers another one: Optic Internet. The Layer Reality Browser lets you see the world in a completely different way. This software application puts a digital layer over the camera view of your phone, as it were. This way, linked to the GPS and the digital compass, and while moving your phone around you, you will see which houses are for sale, where the closest gas station is located and where you find an ATM to cash some bucks. Or even better, you can search for your favorite bank or supermarket and have yourself guided to its location. This is a nice and handy application. Even more so since several applications are combined, which creates a truly unique experience.

Samsung Galaxy review

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