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Garmin Nuvi 1240 review | Navigation screen

Published on: Monday, September 7th 2009                   Written by: Wim de Lange - Photography by: Mark Peters

Picture navigation with Panoramio

Picture navigation with Panoramio

GPS picture upload to the Internet

New is the possibility of Panoramio picture navigation. At pictures are offered along with information about the location. These pictures can be downloaded to the Garmin Nuvi 1240. It is added to the Favorites as POI, after which pictures can be uploaded very simply. At this moment, there is a limited choice of pictures; however, this will certainly change as it becomes more commonly known. If you have pictures yourself of interesting locations, you can also provide them, thus helping the number of pictures to grow. Nowadays, there are also companies inserting their location coordinates on the Internet. This makes it easy for us to insert, because the Nuvi recognizes three different ways of GPS notation.

Garmin navigation pages

Garmin navigation pages

Garmin Nuvi 1240 menu pages

Once we have given the command: "Go" the device really leaps into action. The route is determined and we can get started. Calculating takes place reasonably fast. Even a route to a small village in Austria was ready in about 20 seconds. During navigation, I usually opt to display 3D or 'Route on top' so that the width of the monitor matters less. The cursor stays nicely at the bottom pointing upwards. This way, you can easily see where you're going and what the road ahead of you looks like. At the edges, all sorts of extra information is displayed, and if the contents of those areas is set properly, we will not miss crucial information. Pressing these areas, subpages will appear containing additional information.


Garmin Nüvi 1240 navigation

Garmin Nuvi 1240 review

Alternative navigation screens

Although they talk of law regulations concerning 'hands-free navigation', at this moment, we are still allowed to touch the buttons, and the Nuvi 1240 is able to offer more than enough additional information. If we touch the indication of the next turn top left, a map appears briefly showing the next turn and the best way to go through it. We can also easily switch from map view to other views. For longer journeys, I preferred the 'next turn' screen. This allows you to examine the traffic situation at the next turn during a quiet moment, and thus keep your eyes on the road the rest of the time.


Garmin Nüvi voice instructions

Garmin Nuvi 1240 review

Garmin Nuvi 1240 voice navigation

I had to get used to the fact that I was being spoken to by a device. However, in my opinion, voice instructions are simply safer, since you only have to look at the screen if you're not entirely sure, and other than that; you can just keep your eyes on the road. The voice is clear and only speaks when necessary. On long highway roads, it may occur that it keeps fully silent, since all we have to do is continue on the road. Plenty of time before the driver has to come into action, a warning sound is given, and a few seconds before something has to be carried out, the information is repeated. Once past the exit, we will receive a message which tells us how long we should continue on this road. Then, silence returns once more.


Garmin Nuvi 1240 GPS features

Garmin Nuvi 1240 review

Garmin Lock and TMC traffic information

Finally, I want to bring 2 extras to your attention. Firstly, the Garmin Lock option to pester a potential thief. All you have to do is turn on the device in a secure location, make sure satellite connection is established and enter a code. Every time we start, we must then enter these 4 digits. Should we forget the code, then we need to go back to the secure location in order to set the PIN code again. Secondly, we can purchase the GTM 25 TMC-cable for a certain price, with enables receiving (for now) free traffic information on the Nuvi, or at least, this is the case for the Netherlands. This may however prove different for other countries, sometimes you need to subscribe and pay. On the Internet at Wikipedia, I found some useful information about the subject TMC.

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