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Apple iPhone 3Gs review | Digital camera & iTunes

Published on: Monday, August 24th 2009                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

iPhone 3Gs digital camera

T he digital camera of the iPhone 3Gs Apple features a resolution of 3.2 megapixels. The camera application can be activated through the menu. The application is then started up quickly. The entire screen serves as a viewfinder, with the exception of a small edge where the shutter button is located. Unfortunately, there is no hard button besides this key on the screen, so taking a picture must always take place through the touchscreen. The camera's speed is amazing, also because of the fact that the autofocus works immediately without waiting for the shutter button to be used. This means that the camera focuses continuously if there is a different reproduction, thus enabling you to capture a moment instantly by touching the screen. By default, the focus is centre located, however; by touching any spot on the screen, the camera will then focus on that particular spot.

Apple iPhone 3Gs review

This is very handy indeed, not only because you don't have to switch between macro and standard mode all the time, but also because you can easily determine yourself which part of the object should be sharply displayed.


Apple iPhone 3Gs camera features

Apple iPhone 3Gs camera features

iPhone 3Gs camera settings

Changing settings is not enabled. The autofocus of the Apple iPhone 3Gs makes changing of the capture mode unnecessary, although it is nice sometimes to add effects to your pictures, to adjust sharpness and brightness and any other personal wishes. It is however not a necessity; you can take a good picture at any time without having to worry about the settings. Besides the possibility to take pictures, the iPhone 3Gs is also able to capture videos. The video files are displayed in the same gallery.

Apple App store software

Apple App store software

iPhone 3Gs applications download

The App Store, which is found in the menu, is a kind of application shop especially developed for the iPhone. You can sort them by free and paid versions. This way you can continue to create games, or install other handy software applications on your iPhone 3Gs, so that the smartphone can be set completely to your preference. The App Store continuously offers new additions, which is why there is more than enough content available.


Apple iTunes software

T he Apple iPhone 3Gs, like all other Apple products, is able to synchronize via the iTunes software. The user himself has to download the software from the Apple website. The iTunes software makes auto backups of all SMS text messages, favorites, pictures, and if desired, also your contacts. If new software / firmware updates become available, you can easily install it via iTunes, after which the backup can be replaced. In addition to this feature, multimedia is also managed in iTunes. There is no other way to put music or videos on the iPhone. The disadvantage is that you can only work on one computer at the same time, because otherwise, the multimedia library is erased. The advantage is that this way, all is very well-organized.

Apple iPhone 3Gs review


Apple iPhone 3Gs battery

The standby time of the iPhone 3Gs is reasonable, but very much depends on how the phone is used. The many features make it inviting to play with the Apple iPhone 3Gs all day long, although you can be sure of the mobile phone then being depleted in one day. However, when the phone is averagely used, a standby time of three to four days is also possible. The battery of the Apple iPhone 3Gs smartphone is built-in and cannot be changed by the user.

Apple iPhone 3Gs memory

The iPhone 3Gs will be available in various different versions. The amount of internal memory depends on the model. Currently, the Apple iPhone 3Gs is available with either 16GB or 32GB internal memory. Both models are available in white and black. It is important to choose for sufficient internal memory, while the memory is not expandable.

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