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Samsung Pixon 12 photo gallery | Introduction

Published on: Monday, August 24th 2009                   Written by: Dennis Hissink - Photography by: Mark Peters

Samsung Pixon 12 review

W ith the introduction and availability of the Samsung Pixon 12 (also known as Samsung M8910), the mobile photographer is confronted with high resolution pictures for the first time. The Samsung Pixon 12 mobile phone features a special AMOLED touchscreen for a powerful color reproduction, and provides the avid user with several creative possibilities to capture everything in his surroundings and share it immediately with the mobile community. The various communication options and functionalities we will take for granted, because in this review we'd like to focus primarily on the picture functions of the Pixon 12 phone. Launching the Samsung Pixon 12's camera mode does take a bit of time, but once it is activated, the speed is remarkable.

Samsung Pixon 12 photo gallery


Samsung Pixon 12 field test

Samsung Pixon 12 field test

Samsung Pixon 12 records photos and videos

The monitor of the Samsung Pixon 12 smartphone is divided left and right into various programs. It allows you to quickly switch between picture and video mode, and provides quick access to the scene programs. Everybody will be able to shoot with optimal settings, thanks to 13 pre-programmed scenes. We are also aware of the fact that more and more camera phones now feature integrated convenient auto image editing software. For example, you can activate Smile shot, so that nobody will appear in a picture without a smile on his face. The camera will not take the picture unless the person you are trying to capture actually shows a smile.

Samsung Pixon 12 test pictures

Samsung Pixon 12 test pictures

Samsung Pixon M8910 digital camera phone

In addition, there is the Beauty shot function, which edits a picture and removes all imperfections smoothly and fully automatically. It's like a mini-Photoshop make-over. Remarkable is the so-called object-tracking on the Samsung Pixon 12 handset. By briefly touching an object on the AMOLED screen, the object is then continuously tracked and the camera will also continuously focus on it. However, such techniques for mobile phones are still in its infancy, although it has to be said Samsung does convince by introducing them in the Pixon 12 M8910 cell phone.

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