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Tour de France | Cyclist race

Published on: Monday, July 20th 2009                   Written by: Dennis Hissink - Photography by: Mark Peters

Tour de France peloton

Tour de France

Haussler, Chavanel and Moreno at the head of the 13th stage

Right at the beginning of this stage, a small group managed to launch away from the peloton, consisting of Moreno, Haussler and Chavanel. Despite the bad weather circumstances and the slippery roads, the group is able to increase its distance from the peloton. However, at the base of the Col du Platserwasel (1193m), Moreno had to let go.


Heinrich Haussler - Cervelo test team

Tour de France

Heinrich Haussler winner of the 13th stage

And right after that, Haussler took off, leaving Chavanel to watch him descend at an enormous speed. In the meantime, the peloton stayed intact, nobody even tried to attack the group ahead. The Garmin team stayed put in the peloton and seemed to play it safe. No one was able to stop Haussler, who eventually won the 13th stage in 4 hours and 56 minutes.

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