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HTC Magic review | Mobile phone functions

Published on: Thursday, July 16th 2009                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

HTC Magic widgets

G raphically, the HTC menu is well-designed; the home screen can be adjusted by touching it slightly longer. You can add short cuts, Widgets and files or change the background if desired. In fact, there are three home screens; on the main screen, you can still slide to the right or left side. An empty screen will then appear, which you can fill up with icons. This lets you create a screen with Widgets and one with frequently used files, ensuring you'll have quick access without permanently displaying them on the home screen. Alerts will appear top left in the screen, which is also a bar. Sliding the bar down, you will see the full alert and you can click on it to open the action (for example a new email message).

HTC Magic review


HTC Magic smartphone pouch

HTC Magic smartphone pouch

Surfing the internet on the HTC mobile phone

The large touchscreen makes the HTC Magic excellent in combination with the Internet. Also thanks to the support of HSDPA and Wifi, and all connections possibilities are available. Email is a matter of inserting the email address and the password, whereupon the application will connect to a server to load the settings. This is extremely easy to do; it provides access to your email in only two steps. The internet pages are well displayed, no black edges or ambiguities. The screen is clear and rotates instantly upon rotating the phone. Working with more than one window also belongs to the possibilities. The menu button lets you create a new window or switch between windows. If a text is not clearly readable, you can use the magnifying glass to zoom in. This way, virtually all internet sites are well accessible and readable on the HTC Magic.

HTC Magic music accessories

HTC Magic music accessories

MP3 player on the HTC Magic

The music player is found under music inside the menu. Upon activating the MP3 player application, four large icons will be displayed: Artist, Album, Songs and Playlists. This makes it easy to search for your music and fast to play your favorite songs. Everything works very swiftly, and when playing a song, the cover, if available, will be displayed in a large size on the screen, in addition to keys that let you change songs and a time bar, in order to wind or rewind by sliding your finger over it. The built-in speaker is acceptable, although the quality significantly drops if you turn the volume to maximum. You can also opt to use the included HTC headset. Unfortunately, the headset uses a mini-USB connection and not the standard 3.5 mm headset jack, which does not allow for the usual headsets to be connected to the HTC Magic.


HTC Magic digital camera

The integrated digital camera features 3.2 Megapixel resolution, which is not the highest resolution we have found so far, but it does make us even more curious about the quality. The camera is often only a by-product for a mobile phone like this. The camera application can only be activated in the menu, there is no shortcut available, nor is there a physical key to take a picture. You could however place a shortcut on the main screen if you like. Starting up the application takes place fast.

HTC Android phone with 3.2 MP camera

The camera features auto focus but lacks the possibility to manually set the AF in macro mode. At first, I really missed this mode, however; after taking a few pictures, I noticed the auto focus working well and the focus distance suffices for a close-up. This goes for the quality as well as the focus speed. In all circumstances, from up close to a far distance, sharp pictures are delivered. In fact, it is ever so easy, certainly on a mobile phone, that you don't have to change modes or, worse, that you have selected the wrong mode unintentionally, which made a picture -or a series of pictures- fail.


HTC camera phone

HTC camera phone

HTC Magic digital camera settings

The settings for the capture mode are not the only ones lacking; in fact, there are simply no options to change any setting. The only thing that is available is adding GPS information to pictures taken and the quality of the video clips. We do miss effects and settings like ISO values or quality. It's a real miss for the creative user, however; we have to admit it is ever so relaxed!

HTC picture quality

HTC picture quality

HTC Magic photo quality

There is not much to moan about when it comes to the final quality of the pictures. The images may not be as large as those of an 8.0 megapixel camera, however, to display on a computer screen or to print up to approximately A4 size, which are the most commonly used applications, the pictures may be even better than those from the many other (on paper) better digital cameras. We have made a HTC Magic picture gallery, and we do think the close-ups prove our comments.

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