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LG Arena review | Phone Features

Published on: Monday, May 25th 2009                   Written by: Casper van der Kaaij - Photography by: Mark Peters

LG touchscreen phone

T he touchscreen of the LG Arena features a resolution of 800x480. Thanks to this high resolution, the reproduction is extremely clear. The touchscreen used on the LG Arena is heat sensitive. This means that operation can only be carried out by your finger and not by any kind of stylus pen. The touch sensitivity of the screen is excellent. At this time, I would consider it the best touchscreen available, together with the iPhone's touchscreen. You hardly have to press and everything responds, shifts, and confirms, both smoothly and quickly. There is also a slight vibration when you touch something on the screen.

LG Arena review


LG Arena phone menu

LG Arena phone menu

LG Arena KM900 main menu

If you enter the main menu, you will find four categories; communication, multi-media, organizer and settings. You don't have to click these categories, while the matching icons are displayed directly in the main menu. Standard, you will see four icons per category, but you can scroll through by sliding your finger over them. The icons can even be ranked per category. It does take time to get used to, since there is a lot of information directly visible, however, after a few days you will have found your way around, and you will find yourself clicking less while everything is directly available in the main menu. The graphical form factor of the menu is excellent; it captures everyone’s interest immediately. Also, the various desk pages work well. It allows you to scroll through pictures and CD covers, which are found directly on your main screen, in multi-media or contacts. If you click on something, a nice animation will follow and everything is easy to find.

LG Arena multimedia smartphone

LG Arena multimedia smartphone

Multimedia functions on the LG Arena

One of the four main categories in the menu is multi-media. In addition to the multi-media start screen, you will find everything concerning multi-media here. You can place your favorite videos and music files on the start screen at your preference. Sliding your finger, you scroll through these files, which are an album cover for music files and a preview for videos. One click is enough to start the file. If you rotate the phone, the video reproduction will switch to full screen. In addition to videos and music, multi-media menu contains a radio, games which use a motion sensor, a program to make slideshows of your pictures, and a video camera which can capture videos with a resolution up to 720 x 480 pixels. The quality of the sound is acceptable; the built-in speaker however lacks low tones, which makes the sound less 'warm’. If you activate the Dolby mode, the sound quality slightly improves and you can really enjoy your music. If you don't want to be a burden to those around you, you can simply use the included in-ear headset. This time, it comes with various sizes of earplugs.

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