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Nokia E75 review | Digital Camera

Published on: Thursday, May 21st 2009                   Written by: Dennis Hissink - Photography by: Mark Peters

Nokia E75 digital camera

T he Nokia E75 E-Series is a versatile multimedia cell phone, obviously also including a built-in digital camera. Although the purists among us don't agree with digital cameras integrated in a mobile phone, and don't take mobile photography seriously, there's no stopping the continuous growth of the amount of pictures being made with a handset. Now this is not so odd, since you carry your cameraphone with you at all times, which means it is pretty much ready to be used for any photo moment. The average mobile photographer generally approaches mobile photography quite differently. It's not so much the quality that does it; it is capturing the actual moment. Afterwards, the pictures can be shared with anyone straight away, and it's only monitors, ranging from mobile phones to PCs, that are used to view the pictures.

Nokia E75 review

Print-outs are not desired and hardly seem to play a role within mobile imaging, if even any at all.


Nokia E75 camera phone

Nokia E75 camera phone

Mobile photography with the Nokia E75

The Nokia E75 features a CMOS sensor with 3.2 Megapixels onboard. The first reaction to this amount is usual one of disappointment. Why 'only' 3.2 Megapixels, while at the same time competitors speak of 8 and are even hinting at 12 Megapixels? The amount as from 3 Megapixels is totally unimportant for a mobile phone. The quality of the pixels, the image sensor itself, the algorithms and the image processor are far more important. The continuously growing pixel amount, something which is now also occurring in mobile photography, has already been taking place in digital photography for the past few years. It's simply a repetition of marketing strategy with the single goal to push sales numbers.

Nokia E75 camera lens

Nokia E75 camera lens

Zoom lens on the Nokia E75

The lens is one item through which the average digital compact camera distinguishes itself with from a cameraphone. The Nokia E75 features a single focal length and it only has a digital zoom available, which results in a loss of quality straight away. A digital compact camera is standard equipped with a zoom lens featuring a viewfinder magnification of 3-12x. The hybrid Megazoom cameras even take it up to 26x optical zoom. AF focusing of the Nokia E75 is carried out automatically and is able to focus from 10 cm (macro focus) to infinity. The bright of f/2.8 is necessary to make sufficient light reach the CMOS sensor.


Nokia E75 self-timer

The Nokia E75 standard provides functions such as self-timer, red-eye reduction and capturing video clips. The fact that you can't place the Nokia E75 horizontally, only with a great deal of trouble if you're using the self-timer to take a picture is strange; nine out of ten times, the phone falls over. Nokia is not the only brand finding this hard. It does show the (un)importance of the camera. Additionally, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and digital effects can be changed or activated.

Nokia E75 camera mode

The Nokia's screen displays a toolbar which can be adjusted by adding or removing shortcuts. The camera mode is not the fastest one. Focusing is reasonable, the shutter release lag not too bad, however; processing the captured picture is too slow. Processing a 3 Megapixel JPEG picture does not have to take over two seconds. It's annoying and it reduces the chance of a successful snapshot.


Nokia E75 camera functions

Nokia E75 camera functions

Nokia E75 camera settings

The integrated digital camera of the E75 does not really belong to the items Nokia emphasizes. The camera settings menu is quite restricted and features only a few possibilities for creative photography. Nor are the functions that advanced, and compared to what is currently possible, one could say they are even very basic. ISO only has three settings in addition to an Auto ISO mode. Which ISO is used precisely is not displayed. The preset scenes provide a nice extra, but you do have to select them yourself. The latest camera phones show a much more advanced scene setting with a scene selector, which makes the camera automatically select the appropriate scene.

Nokia E75 photo quality

Nokia E75 photo quality

Quality of the Nokia E75 pictures

As we expected, the picture quality is average to reasonable. In the correct light circumstances and with not too much contrast, the Nokia E75 is able to make an acceptable picture. However; the dynamic range is limited, which means a contrast-rich picture is bound to fail. Noise is also a factor cropping up quite soon. The lowest ISO mode equals ISO 97 and is reasonable when it comes to the noise level. The middle, and highest ISO settings are 195 and 781 ISO. Even at the center ISO value, noise is visible. Color reproduction is fairly good, providing the picture is optimally exposed. As soon as light circumstances become difficult, the picture is past saving. You name it; color shifting, chromatic aberration, loss of detail in dark and light areas etc. The only correct name for this item on the Nokia E75 would be; nice-weather camera.

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