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Nokia E75 review | Menu & Operation

Published on: Thursday, May 21st 2009                   Written by: Dennis Hissink - Photography by: Mark Peters

Nokia E75 phone operation

Nokia E75 phone operation

Sliding QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia E75

The front of our test sample features a black finish highlighted with silver lines. A chic appearance with emphasis on quality. The numeric pad is clearly displayed with buttons that are large enough even for bigger fingers. We really appreciate the straightforward and neat division of this part of the interface. It preserves the conservative character, yet with a trendy touch to the design. An excellent choice. If we slide open the QWERTY keyboard, the menu of the Nokia E75 rotates automatically. This way, you work in the so-called landscape mode and the screen is used optimally in wide screen ratio. Using the keyboard is pleasant with hardly any flaws. The only thing we notice is if we want to select a function in the menu of the E75, we have to use the numeric area of the device. This slows down the operation and there should really be a better way. The screen of the Nokia E75 is of excellent quality. Indoors as well as outdoors, even in bright sunshine, the information on the display can be read without a problem. The resolution of 320x240 pixels (QVGA) suffices for the 2.4 format screen. The menu of the E75 will look familiar to those who have worked with Nokia N or E series phones. Beginners will most likely need to get used to it, however, with the instructions in one hand and the Nokia E75 in the other, and a fair amount of practice, the operation of the menu should not be a problem.

Nokia E75 smartphone

Nokia E75 smartphone

BL-4U Li-Ion battery and 50MB internal memory

Before starting to use the Nokia E75, its battery needs to be fully loaded. The Nokia E75 comes with a BL-4U Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3.7V 1000mAh. You can charge the battery through the A/C or the included USB cable. The latter comes in handy if electric mains are not available. Depending on the usage in practice, you will have to find out if you require a second battery. In general, the standard battery will do fine for average use and you will be able to recharge the battery. The battery cover opens smoothly. It's not at all fragile, thanks to the material used and its design. The memory card is inserted on the side of the Nokia E75. The limited internal memory of 50MB can be expanded by external memory. What's left is; simply activate the device, customize your email settings and personalize your Nokia E75 by adjusting tones, images and screensavers.


Nokia E75 phone menu

T he software working for the Nokia E75 is the third edition of Symbian S60. It has the same build-up and structure as that of the N96 and N79. Its division has been slightly altered, and the same goes for some icons and pictograms. Also, a number of functions and settings have received different names. This is what we call 'a general update', however, everything is still very much recognizable from the 'older' generation phones. The start screen of the Nokia E75 can be deactivated if desired. We immediately recognize the standard options as we have seen on the Nokia E71. Very well thought-out and handy in practice, is the choice between two fully and uniquely customizable screens. This way, you can use the Nokia E75 as a corporate phone, or you can opt for a start-up as private phone. The speed at which the phone operates is strikingly fast. Whereas before we encountered some intervals during operation, the Nokia E75 smartphone works at astonishing speed.

Nokia E75 review

The application of a new and faster processor, possibly combined with more intelligent algorithms, is undoubtedly causing this speed effect. Voice commands are also available. What's new is the option to activate a so-called 'voice theme'. By selecting one of the available options within this theme, the Nokia E75 will read the displayed text out loud, such as time or messages. In addition, you can operate the E75 through voice commands.

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