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SanDisk Sansa Fuze review | Rating & Conclusion

Published on: Friday, January 2nd 2009                   Written by: Martijn Kooijman - Photography by: Mark Peters

SanDisk Fuze conclusion

I n general, the SanDisk Sansa Fuze is a nice and pleasant media player. Although the possibilities and quality will not surprise you astound you, the Sansa Fuze offers a good package. The SanDisk Fuze has all you may expect from a standard MP3 player. You can't get around the fact that the Fuze looks a lot like the Apple iPod when it comes to appearance and operation. The Sansa Fuze however, does not yet surpass the iPod as for music quality. The music quality of the Sansa Fuze is average, and although SanDisk is famous for its memory solutions, this element did not surprise me either; the Fuze only offers 2, 4 and 16GB. I expected more of SanDisk, even though this memory is expandable, allowing a maximum of 16GB on the Sansa Fuze. Yet, the Fuze is not the only media player offering this amount of memory. Not really that spectacular, unfortunately. Although on the other hand, the price/quality ratio for SanDisk media players is excellent. The extended battery-life is definitely a pro of the Sansa Fuze. It's a true joy to be able to listen to music for so long (24 hours) without having to recharge the battery.

SanDisk Sansa Fuze review

I do wonder though when SanDisk will take the step to dare come with its very own design, software and an astonishing amount of memory so that you can't get around the Sansa MP3 player series.


Sansa Fuze from SanDisk

Sansa Fuze from SanDisk

Positive [+]

• Extended battery-life
• Good radio function
• microSD slot
• Price / quality ratio

SanDisk Fuze user manual

SanDisk Fuze user manual

Negative [-]

• Not sufficiently surprising
• Average music quality
• Memory capacity

SanDisk Sansa pouch

SanDisk Sansa pouch

Review score %

• Score : 70%
• Good

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