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Creative ZEN X-Fi MP3 player review | Rating & Conclusion

Published on: Thursday, January 1st 2009                   Written by: Martijn Kooijman - Photography by: Mark Peters

MP3 player test conclusion

S ecretly, the Creative Zen X-Fi is similar to its predecessors, although three differences are noticeable. First of all, the X-Fi, secondly Wi-Fi and third its appearance. Even without X-Fi, the sound is already of top quality, also thanks to its excellent in-ear earphones. The media player has a beautiful appearance with a firm back, which gives it a solid feel. The interface, music mode, video mode and picture mode are all well thought-out. No comments so far. However, there are a few things I have doubts about, such as several extras and the external speaker. It would have been better if Creative had not applied the speaker. The Creative Zen X-Fi has some minor flaws. The Extras such as the organizer, with calendar, tasks and contact options is superfluous. It's way too much trouble having to synchronize your Zen, moreover, you can't adjust these Extras on the Zen, and I don't take it that someone will use a portable media player for notes, tasks or contacts. There are far better gadgets for this than the Creative Zen. The Wi-Fi function on the Creative Zen, however, is ingenious. Streaming music from your computer to the Zen is nice and handy; all your music from your computer is available to listen to in your house. One big disappointment is the chat function of the Zen X-Fi that could have been much more valuable if MSN, AIM or Yahoo! support was offered.

Creative ZEN X-Fi MP3 player review

Moreover, the annoying text input system could have been improved by means of a T9 text input function. The X-Fi I find well-done. Here and there, some minor minuses are found, however, in general the X-Fi works well with the new firmware and it is a true joy to listen to music. In short; the Creative Zen X-Fi is an MP3 player in the highest class, offering high quality music sound, and despite the fact of the minor flaws, there are two things the Zen X-Fi boasts: Wi-Fi and X-Fi. Hopefully, new firmware updates will improve X-Fi further and even offer support to the popular chat servers. If the external speaker had not been applied and the useless Extras had been left out, and if some more effort had been put into X-Fi and Wi-Fi, a small job I think, then this media player would have been perfect. Despite this, the Zen X-Fi gains a high score, it is definitely a recommender!


Creative Zen X-Fi review

Creative Zen X-Fi review

Positive [+]

• Superior sound quality
• X-Fi (Crystallizer)
• Wi-Fi (video/music streaming)
• Improved appearance
• Video mode
• In-ear earphones
• Great accessories

Creative Zen armband

Creative Zen armband

Negative [-]

• X-Fi (Expand)
• Wi-Fi (Chat system)
• No shared memory
• Poor external speaker

Creative Zen case

Creative Zen case

Review Score %

• Score : 90%
• Excellent

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