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ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review | Google Earth & Locr

Published on: Tuesday, December 9th 2008                   Written by: Ilse Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review

Viewing pictures and route through Google Earth

After I had put the pictures on Google Earth, I saw to my astonishment that the location of the pictures I captured deviated tremendously from the actual location. The GPS signal was not the cause, since the matching route was almost precisely how I walked. A technical software problem perhaps, that will probably be solved with a firmware update. It is nice though to find that the newly built-in function, to also store the route, is already thought-out this well.


ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review

Locr photo sharing website

Included in the package with my test sample, I found a voucher valid for 6 months of use of a Locr Pro account. Locr is the equivalent of Picasa. The online program works fine, it has a well-structured appearance, navigation seems logical and uploading the pictures is simple. One disadvantage of this program however, is that only a tiny map is displayed next to the picture. And I could not succeed in transferring a picture to Google Earth via Locr. Besides that, the program is not able to tell you whether or not GPS information is linked to the picture before uploading it, unlike Picasa, that does offer this information. Therefore, I still prefer Picasa.

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