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ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review | Navigation routes

Published on: Tuesday, December 9th 2008                   Written by: Ilse Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review

How does the ATP GPS receiver work in practise?

Now that we have thoroughly studied the GPS tracker and all of its accessories, it's about time to take the GPS photo tracker and hit the road. First of all, you have to make sure the digital camera's time is set accurately. The GPS device does not require this. Make sure you take pictures in the JPEG format, since other formats are not supported by the ATP Photo Finder Mini.


ATP GPS in practise

O nce on the road, I regularly checked the LED status indicators to see if the GPS tracker was actually storing data. Since the yellow indicator only blinks twice every minute when data is being written onto the memory card, you feel kind of insecure as to whether or not the device is actually storing something. The built-in SIFIII GPS antenna is able to connect to a maximum of 20 satellites at the same time, and is supposed to be precise up to 25 meters. In practice, I did not encounter any problem to obtain and maintain connection with the GPS signal; even in a woody environment, the ATP Photo Finder Mini is able to receive sufficient GPS signal.

ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review


ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review

Picture tagging

I was so curious that I connected the GPS device to the docking station upon my arrival back home. The menu that appears after activating the station is very clear; by simply answering some questions with yes or no, you will easily find your way. It's easy to geotag the pictures through the docking station without any interference of a computer. From the 110 pictures I took, there were only 38 pictures with a successful GPS information storage, approximately one third, which is rather disappointing. With the GPS receiver attached to my trousers and the digital camera around my neck, you'd say it was because of the distance between the two devices…

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