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Apple iPod nano review | MP3 Player Functions

Published on: Sunday, November 30th 2008                   Written by: Martijn Kooijman - Photography by: Mark Peters

Apple iPod nano music player

Apple iPod nano music player

Menu of the iPod nano

Just like all previous models, the operation of the Apple iPod nano is carried out by the navigation ring. And also on this iPod, navigation is superb. Menu navigation, play/pause, next/previous, add to favorites; all these functions are integrated and accessible through the navigation ring. Even people that have never held an Apple iPod in their hands before will get the knack of it pretty soon, since it is an efficient and easy way of navigating. Furthermore, a slide to lock the buttons is found on the top side of the nano, whilst the bottom of the device carries the USB and 3mm jack connection. New for this iPod nano is the sensor that enables the device to play the songs in random order when you shake the iPod, and cover-flow that appears upon rotating the iPod Nano. When cover-flow is activated, all the album covers are displayed allowing you to search through the covers. Also games make use of this sensor, with which the iPod nano follows in the footsteps of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apple iPod nano video player

Apple iPod nano video player

Playing videos on the iPod nano

This iPod nano boasts an integrated video player. Videos can be uploaded to the iPod via iTunes. The following video formats are supported by the iPod nano: M4V, MP4 and MOV formats. The video reproduction on the nano is beautiful; everything is rendered bright and clear. Personally however, I find the 2 inch monitor a tad too small to view an entire movie on it. It is nice though, to show that the iPod is able to do it and the videos are nice, however, you have to keep the device too close to your face in order to completely follow what is happening in the movie. Transferring files is enabled by QuickTime Pro. With it, you open a movie file, press on export and select the dedicated setting for the iPod. There are also many programs available specialized in converting of movie formats to a format that is supported by the iPod. And transferring files is also possible through iTunes, of course.


Neatly designed Apple iPod nano MP3 player

Apple iPod nano review

Playing podcasts on the Apple iPod nano

The Apple iPod nano is able to play podcasts (digital sound files). These podcasts are available on many websites and for sale at the iTunes store. Unfortunately, I was unable to fully test this function, however, from the experiences of my colleagues I know that it is both flawless and easy to work with, in particular through the iTunes store. You simply download a podcast which can be transferred to your iPod nano and listen to it whenever and wherever you want.


Apple iTunes program

M any consumers use iTunes as standard music program, and some prefer iTunes even to Window Media Player. As for me, I am not a huge fan of iTunes, although I might be biased in my judgment in this area. Transferring music is fine, although personally I find it annoying having to register and leave so much personal information behind before being able to use special options, like providing an album cover with a picture. You can also do it manually without registering however, in the cover-flow mode of the nano many don't show up, some albums do have a cover and some don't. I also wonder why movies don't get converted standard and transferred via iTunes. I now had to convert my movies through Quicktime Pro to a video format that is supported by the iPod. Transferring of music and connecting of the iPod all works in close cooperation with iTunes which makes it very fast.

Apple iPod nano review

Apart from some comments, iTunes is an excellent program to manage your iPod.

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