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LG T80 review | Rating & Conclusion

Published on: Monday, November 24th 2008                   Written by: Martijn Kooijman - Photography by: Mark Peters

LG T80 software

LG T80 software

Setting possibilities of the LG T80

There is an abundance of setting possibilities for each and every item on the T80. Naturally, there are the music options with, among other things, the equalizer, play mode and video functions such as brightness. The DVB mode also offers some nice options, and making adjustments to texts and pictures is also available. In addition, the T80 enables you to adjust the device completely to your own preference as far as background, the theme, music background and the color of the menu.

LG T80 battery

LG T80 battery

USB connection & Battery

The included USB data 2.0 cable allows you to charge the device and to transfer files. Charging is quite quick, and a fully charged battery lets you watch 2 hours of television or 5 hours of video. A nice extra is the fact that the battery is exchangeable which means you don't have to rush to a shop dealer to do it. Transferring files is extremely fast. One disadvantage I came across was the fact that a file ended up in the wrong folder when synchronizing with Windows Media Player for example, making it unavailable for watching on the LG T80. This never happens when you use the LG Media Centre software.


LG Media Center software

T he LG Media Centre 2.0 software is standard included with the LG T80 as a CD. The program looks sleek with clear icons and not too much information on the screen at the same time. The program consists of two parts actually; the converter and the program itself that enables synchronizing files with the LG multimedia player. This software was not specifically developed for the T80, but instead for a large amount of LG media players. It works fine most of the time, although it does give you the impression at times that it gets stuck, however, this is not actually the case. I tested the software on a fast and stable computer network with Windows XP service pack 3. In general, you have to be patient with this program since it sometimes causes a delay of a few seconds, and frequently its status in the task manager states: no response. Transferring files is carried out fast, so is converting. Second minus of the interface is the interface giving the same information twice. At the bottom a bar is displayed with the same options you find in the menu on the left of the screen. Just like the same buttons are found in the middle screen as well as at the top left.

LG T80 review


LG T80 test conclusion

LG T80 test conclusion

LG Touch DVB T80 media player conclusion

It's not its appearance, its body or the way the LG T80 feels. Since the multimedia player looks more like a cheap toy at first glance. Don't let the T80 fool you though, it is not a toy at all. The LG T80 kept surprising and amazing me; time and again I discovered new options. It is this media player that LG should boast with and battle the Apple iPod Touch with, however, LG does not want to do this. In my opinion, the LG T80 is a lot more businesslike, whereas the Apple iPod Touch uses the games and a similar touchscreen as the iPhone, the T80 does all of this but without any fuss, in style and in peace. The iPod Touch belongs to Apple whilst the LG T80 is yours. The screen of the media player seems to work against you in the beginning, however, the MP3 player gradually becomes more and more friendly to use. You bond with the device. Everything can be set to your own preference, the DVB-T mode is beautiful and even if I was close to a television set, I tended to prefer the LG to watch. In video mode the screen is crystal-clear and perfectly suited for long train journeys or other travels.

LG T80 review rating

LG T80 review rating

LG Touch T80 a great MP3 player

DVB and video alone are reason enough to purchase this LG and yet the T80 is able to keep the same high level for music quality. I can only come up with three comments for this portable media player; firstly; the memory; the 4GB of memory capacity makes you have to delete old songs and / or movies and uploading new ones. For music alone, this amount of memory suffices, yet for a number of larger movies I would have loved to see a larger memory. Second minus or rather, weak point is the antenna that is fairly fragile. And lastly, the price tag; the LG T80 is currently available for approximately 200 Euros which is pricey although still reasonable in my opinion, even given the fact the LG T80 has a memory of 'only' 4GB. In general the T80 is a media player that stays away from the big hype yet offers a lot in the field of video, music, touchscreen and monitor quality. To sum it up; this MP3 player gets top marks!


Positive [+]

• DVB functionality
• Superb video reproduction
• Adjustable to your own preference
• Touchscreen
• Excellent music quality
• Radio in DVB mode

Negative [-]

• Fragile antenna
• Only 4GB of memory

Review Score %

• Test score : 90%
• Excellent

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