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LG T80 review | Introduction

Published on: Monday, November 24th 2008                   Written by: Martijn Kooijman - Photography by: Mark Peters

LG Touch DVB T80 Review

L G Electronics, founded in 1958, grew into a company with 82,000 employees working in more than 110 business establishments. LG has introduced many new technologies into the 21st century, among which mobile phones and digital televisions. Today, LG is one of the leading manufacturers of cell phones, air conditioners, washing machines, optical storage products, DVD players, flat screen television screens and Home Theatre systems. The 'Digital Media' department deals with 'Mobile Entertainment Devices' or in other words; portable media players. LG has been rewarded many times with an EISA Award for the best product, like their first MP3 player featuring a touch screen. The LG T80 is one of its siblings.

LG T80 review


LG Touch T80 portable media player

LG Touch T80 portable media player

Design of the LG Touch DVB T80

The LG T80 PMP was designed by the same designer that designed the Prada cell phones. Although the LG T80 looks slightly better than previous portable media players of the LG stable, the design still remains somewhat on the boring side. The front has a shiny coating with few buttons. One side contains the on/off/pause slide bar, the top side carries a 3mm head jack connection, and the large 3 inch WQVGA (400 x 240) Touch Screen TFT color LCD takes care of the remaining operation possibilities. With its dimensions of 3.87 x 2.18 x 0.5 inches the T80 closely resembles the Apple iPhone, however; the LG T80's weight is a lot less. What makes this LG so special is the DVB-T support that allows you to watch television, providing there is a signal close by. The LG T80 portable media player offers 4GB of storage capacity (also available with 8GB) which translates into approximately 1000 songs. Standard included with the T80 are a headset, USB data cable, manual and LG Media Centre software.

LG T80 test

LG T80 test

DVB-T functionality on the LG T80 PMP

The LG T80 media player features DVB-T enabling you to watch television whenever a digital TV signal is available. Watching television on the screen is a joy to the eye. It feels like watching television on a screen that is clearer than your analogue TV, or even clearer than some computer screens. Since the signal is digital, there is no annoying noise or delay in transmission; the image stands, or is not there at all. This is extremely pleasant to watch, whilst once there is a picture; it comes undisturbed, which lets you watch television without interruptions! In order to use DVB you have to extend the antenna of the T80. This antenna is quite small and even thinner. The LG T80 can take a blow or two, however, I sometimes feared for the antenna since it looks so vulnerable. During the test period I was only able to watch 3 Dutch channels. All the other channels are available after payment. The DVB functionality in combination with the bright and clear screen makes this media player something really special.

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