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Garmin GPSmap 60CSx review | Conclusion

Published on: Thursday, April 10th 2008                   Written by: Ilse Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

Garmin 60CSx conclusion

A ccording to a recently published study, carried out by a research company called Canalys, Garmin is the market leader in the field of portable satellite navigation systems and the number of sold devices. In 2007 Garmin sold more of these navigation systems than any other producer. The GPSmap 60CSx will strengthen Garmin's position. The Garmin 60CSx does not only look professional, it also offers every possibility a consumer can think of. If you are on the road a lot, walking, climbing or sailing; the GPSmap 60CSx will lead you to your destination in all cases and offers many additional functionalities on top of that. Besides the solid and waterproof design, the Garmin 60CSx is very user-friendly. The possibilities offered by MapSource software in combination with Google Earth are a unique experience. Any product is bound to have a minus point or two, but the GPS receiver's minus points completely disappear when looking at the plus points of the device.

Garmin GPSmap 60CSx review

With its prices varying from 300 to 480 US dollars the 60CSx is not a cheap device and you also pay a rather large amount for additional detailed maps, but with the many extra possibilities this GPS receiver offers, there is only one conclusion possible: the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx is absolutely worth every penny!


Garmin belt clip

Garmin belt clip

Positives [+]

• Solid design
• User-friendly
• Comprehensive functions
• Extremely precise navigation
• MapSource software with Google Earth

Garmin GPS software

Garmin GPS software

Negatives [-]

• Base map not detailed
• Batteries not included

Garmin USB cable

Garmin USB cable

Review score %

• Score : 85%
• Highly recommended

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