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Garmin GPSmap 60CSx review | Google Earth

Published on: Thursday, April 10th 2008                   Written by: Ilse Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

Garmin GPSmap 60CSx review

Vierhouten, The Veluwe - Route projection on Google Earth


Open Field Vierhouten

Open Field Vierhouten

Arriving at my destination

Once I arrived at my first destination, an open field with some beautiful, mature trees, I heard a beep coming from my GPS. At the same time the GPSmap 60CSx notified me through its monitor that I had arrived at my destination. The location was the exact location I had selected through Google Earth, right in front of one of the trees on the sandy area. An even more precise position fix can be obtained by purchasing an external antenna. The standard quad helix antenna is up to 32 feet precise. When I finished walking the complete route, 1.5x larger due to heading errors, I connected the Garmin to my pc via the USB cable, to download the route with the help of the included software.

Vierhouten forest

Vierhouten forest

Projecting my route to Google Earth

After downloading the route it was a piece of cake to project the route on Google Earth and to see the created waypoints. I had initially made waypoints to create a route, but I also created more waypoints during walking this route, mainly at places where I took pictures. Despite the fact that uploading the route was somewhat difficult, everything else that came after that was easy. The Garmin GPSmap 60CSx in combination with the MapSource software and Google Earth is an extremely powerful and enhanced GPS receiver.

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