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Parrot Party review | Features

Published on: Wednesday, April 2nd 2008                   Written by: Nic Rossm├╝ller - Photography by: Mark Peters

Parrot Party portable wireless stereo soundbox

Parrot Party review

What is A2DP Bluetooth?

Many among us will think: what is Bluetooth exactly? The history of Bluetooth starts in 1994. The developer of Bluetooth is a Dutch guy named Jaap Haartsen. The name Bluetooth stems from Harald Blauwtand (Harald Bl├ątand = Bluetooth), the Viking king who introduced Christianity in Scandinavia. Bluetooth was the development name of the project but due to the lack of a better name it became also the official name. Bluetooth has been developed to make the use of cables between different devices superfluous. A2DP Bluetooth is a further developed version of a Bluetooth connection enabling the transfer of Hi-fi audio. In other words, real life music and conversations can be sent through the new Bluetooth.


Parrot Party portable stereo speaker

Parrot Party review

Good sound quality with the Parrot Party

The Parrot Party is a compact speaker but despite its small size, the sound quality is impressive. Whomever I showed the Parrot Party to was astonished and stood open-mouthed to see the amazing design and to hear the high quality sound coming from such a 'small thing'. Personally I did not like the extra spatial stereo as it sounded too 'hollow' for me. The extra bass function on the other hand I considered as a joyful addition. It made the sound somewhat more complete and made listening to your own music a very pleasant experience.


Parrot Party Bluetooth speaker

Parrot Party review

Pair the Parrot Party with your cell phone

It is extremely easy to connect the Parrot Party with a cell phone. When the Parrot Party is turned on, a light starts blinking blue and red and after a while it will remain blue. After that the Bluetooth button has to be pressed and that will make the light on the Parrot Party flash very fast. Next you can search for the Parrot Party through the mobile phone and it can be connected. A code has to be inserted (0000). After connecting the Parrot Party in general you can select for what you want to use it. You ought to choose Hi-fi stereo. And then the Parrot Party is ready for use. The battery of the Parrot Party lasts approximately 4 hours on a full load. The exact time span depends on the volume, whether or not extra bass is on and whether or not spatial stereo sound is on.

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