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Transcend T.Sonic 840 review | Introduction

Published on: Tuesday, March 25th 2008                   Written by: Ralf Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

Transcend T.Sonic 840 test

T ranscend is a technology company, with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, founded in 1988. The product portfolio of Transcend consists of more than 2000 different products. Transcend produces mainly memory modules, flash memory cards, USB drives, digital audio players, portable hard drives, video cards and accessories. One of the digital audio players of Transcend is the T.Sonic 840, a multimedia player offering many possibilities and available with different memory capacities. LetsGoMobile has tested the T.Sonic 4GB multimedia player and offers you a comprehensive review about it.

Transcend T.Sonic 840 review


Transcend multimedia player

Transcend multimedia player

Transcend T.Sonic MP3 player Design

The Transcend 840 multimedia player has a compact hand-sized design with dimensions of 82×40.5×12.5mm and a weight of 70 grams. This does not make the T.Sonic 840 a lightweight but it does make it feel like a solid device when holding it. The 2GB version is available in white and the version we have tested, the 4GB version is available in black with a silver back. The T-Sonic 840 comes in a compact red and white box, with the Sonic 840 in it of course and additionally; earplugs, a USB cable, software on a CD and a pouch to protect the device. The Transcend T.Sonic 840 has been equipped with a 1.8 inch (176 x 22 pixels) super colour LCD monitor.

Transcend MP4 player review

Transcend MP4 player review

Transcend T.Sonic 840 Buttons

The 4GB multimedia player T.Sonic 840 has no buttons on its front side. The left side has a twosome of operating buttons; the voice recording button and the volume buttons. On the top right side the navigation button is positioned for pressing and confirming a setting. Right below it the play/pause button is found that also serves as on/off button. Below this button we find a slide to lock the player to prevent unwanted changes of songs. The bottom carries the connection for the earplugs and a mini-USB connection to connect the T Sonic 840 with a computer and to recharge it.

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