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Nokia N95 8GB review | Conclusion

Published on: Wednesday, March 5th 2008                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

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Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB conclusion

T he Nokia N95 8GB is a true multimedia mobile phone with enhanced functions. Although it is Nokia's second double slider model, I have some comments on it. The lens cover disappeared which makes your fingers touch the lens too easily. Despite the 8GB internal memory of the Nokia N95-2 it takes a while before the pictures are written to the internal memory. Lacking of an optical zoom is a real miss. The flash now exists of a threesome LEDs. And although LEDs are strong, I prefer a Xenon flash. The LEDs are sufficiently powerful to reasonably expose objects within reach but a Xenon flash is even more powerful. The changes seem marginal but reason enough to declare the N95 8GB to be the bigger brother of the N95. The Nokia N95 8GB is recommendable for those who like to watch pictures or movies or listen to a fine piece of music whilst travelling.

Nokia N95 8GB review


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