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Nokia N82 review | Introduction

Published on: Friday, January 18th 2008                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

Nokia N82 mobile phone

N okia has introduced a couple of new software additions in the past few months for various Nokia mobile phones. Remember for example the Nokia Ovi Internet browser and the new NGage games. Besides these new software additions, the N82 has also been equipped with an integrated GPS receiver, navigation software and a five Megapixel digital camera with Xenon flash. The N82's digital camera is able to exceed any other camera phone with ease thanks to its superior image quality, speed and user-friendliness. The Nokia N82 can even serve as a substitute for a normal digital camera. We must admit we have heard these words before and so far this promise has not been fulfilled yet. But looking at the specifications of the Nokia N82, it is at least a very promising and enhanced handset. Nokia awaken some high expectations here and the question is; can Nokia live up to these expectations? How well the Nokia N82 performed can be read in the LetsGoMobile Nokia N82 review.

Nokia N82 review


Nokia N82 camera phone review

Nokia N82 camera phone review

Nokia N82 Phone design

Nokia decided to go for the candybar design. It makes the N82 rather big though. The N82's housing is entirely made of plastic and to me it doesn't feel too solid. Still the Nokia N82 has a perfect hand-fit for calling as well as photographing. The buttons of the Nokia N-82 are a bit on the small side which makes it hard to quickly dial a number. The function buttons on the other hand are of a better size hence the easier operation. The camera lens is covered by a small plastic cover that has to be opened manually.

Nokia N82 cell phone test

Nokia N82 cell phone test

Nokia N82 Battery

The Nokia N82 has been equipped with a 3.7 Volt 1050mAh battery. The BP-6MT battery has a standby time of 225 hours and a talk-time of more than four hours according to the specifications. It also offers taking around 290 pictures and 10 hours of non-stop listening to music. The times indicated by Nokia are similar to the times we measured in practice. However, when a combination of functions is used these times will alter. If you plan to use these functions a lot, you might want to purchase an extra battery.

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