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Samsung G800 review | Conclusion

Published on: Wednesday, December 26th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

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Samsung SGH-G800

Samsung G800 review

Samsung G800 Conclusion

T he Samsung G800 is a smart camphone but don’t expect it to be a true replacement for a compact camera. The overall picture quality is fine, surely when the light circumstances are ideal. Face detection does what it is supposed to do but works somewhat slow in practice to be really effective. Since this function can be deactivated I consider it an additional functionality. Samsung’s claim that the Samsung G800 is a ‘professional camera’ that also lets you make phone calls, can’t be taken seriously. And as a manufacturer of digital compact cameras Samsung ought to recognize this.


Samsung camera phone

T he 3x optical zoom adds a surplus value and offers a lot of advantages compared with the competition offering digital zoom only. The image stabilizer works fine given the fact that it is not an optical image stabilizer. Some work still has to be done to the shutter lag. The Samsung G800 definitely puts the bar higher as far as good quality photography with a cell phone is concerned, but we are not there yet. The Samsung SGH-G800 is an enhanced device with many functions and possibilities and belongs to the top of the cell phones. Innovative, advanced and progressive describe the Samsung G800 and therefore it is a real recommender!

Samsung G800 review

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