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Consumer chooses smartphone | Introduction

Published on: Sunday, March 16th 2008                   Written by: Laurens van Aggelen - Photography by: Mark Peters


C ell phones are offering more functionalities every day. A growing crowd seems to consider calling less important than being able to use email, Internet, digital camera and navigation possibilities. The consumer seems mature enough now for the smartphone, or the multimedia computer as Nokia likes to refer to it, and for a good reason.

Consumer chooses smartphone


Nokia Smartphones

Nokia Smartphones

Nokia Communicator multimedia phone

The Nokia Communicator, the mother of all smartphones has had some transformation during the eleven years of its existence. The device was already years ahead to start with. Still it remained a device tailored to the needs of the business user. Moreover; the first devices were rather heavy as far as weight was concerned and they were not the cheapest ones you could lay your hands on. Manufactures stuck with smartphones for business use only for a long time, which shows from the fact the devices did not get equipped with a built-in digital camera. The trade and industry do not require such functions. However, this trend might be at the verge of changing. And we have the Nokia E90 Communicator to prove it! Besides an abundance of possibilities for the business user, this Swiss pocket-knife among the smartphones offers also numerous functionalities that will undoubtedly appeal to the consumer. Watching a video on a cell phone has never been more beautiful than on the Nokia E90 and also playing games couldn't be better thanks to the large monitor with high contrast.

Cell Phone Trend

Cell Phone Trend

Smartphone as a fashion product

The cell phone has also become a fashion product lately with which you want to show off. Or as Paul Wilkens, Sales & Marketing director of the telecom department of Samsung Electronics Benelux, nicely put it into words during an introduction in London recently: "The consumer that takes his cell phone from his inside pocket and places it next to his cappuccino, is making a statement about himself." This trend has obviously added to the appearance and design of today's smartphones as they look better and more modern nowadays. HTC believe that the average mobile phone will be replaced by the smartphone. "The consumer is ready to adopt the smartphone," says Mark Moons, Country Manager Benelux at HTC. "The BlackBerry's and our own smartphones used to be devices that a consumer would purchase in addition to an other cell phone; today the consumer just wants an all-in-one device and not yet another cell phone next to his smartphone. We also see that the increasing sales numbers of smartphones purchased by consumers happen at the cost of the sales numbers of average cell phones", Moons continues.

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