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Jabra JX10 Cara Gold headset review | Introduction

Published on: Friday, December 14th 2007                   Written by: Ralf Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

Jabra JX10 Cara Gold

G N, founded in 1869 with their main office in Copenhagen, stands for innovation, superior quality and a stylish design. GN is market leader on the field of headset solutions and produces professional headsets with the brand name Jabra for Call Centres and office environments, and additionally GN produce consumer headsets. The Jabra JX10 Cara Gold Bluetooth headset is one of them, designed by the famous Danish designer Jacob Jensen. This 24 carat gold-plated Bluetooth headset is the most elegant headset available at this moment.

Jabra JX10 Cara Gold headset review


Jabra headset Cara Gold edition

Jabra headset Cara Gold edition

Jabra JX10 headset - Box

The beautiful black box of the Jabra JX10 Cara Gold is on the large side, unlike the headset. It carries a gold stripe across it to indicate that we are dealing with the gold edition and it closes nicely with a magnet integrated in the box. The Jabra JX10 headset is nicely showcased as we notice when opening the box. And continuing unpacking the box we find out that the box is not exceedingly large since there are many accessories included. The box contains, besides the Bluetooth headset itself, an earhook, an illustrated User Guide in nineteen languages, a Quick Start Guide in English, an AC power adaptor, a desktop cradle and charger, a USB cable, a carrying case, a necklace to wear the headset as jewellery around your neck or to just take it with you. Furthermore a certificate to certify the headset is a 24 carat gold headset.

Jabra headset review

Jabra headset review

Jabra Bluetooth headset - Design

The Jabra JX10 Cara Gold Bluetooth headset is a compact headset with dimensions of 3.9 x 2 x 2 centimetres and a weight of less than fourteen grams. The Jabra JX10 Cara Gold was successfully created by Jacob Jensen. The headset has an extremely stylish look thanks to the gold-plated coating. Matte gold on the outsides and a shiny gold strip in the centre make this Jabra JX10 Cara Gold headset to be proud of. Also the desktop holder carries a shiny gold edge which makes the two units fit together perfectly. The included leather case looks beautiful but it is rather big for the Jabra JX10 headset. The Jabra JX10 Cara Gold Bluetooth headset has been equipped with four buttons, two of which are found on the top of the headset for adjusting the volume. The side of the Bluetooth headset carries a button for answer / end calls which also serves to turn the Jabra Cara headset on and off. The last button is placed on the back of the headset and serves to activate pairing of the Bluetooth headset with other devices.

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