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Apple iPod Touch review | Conclusion

Published on: Monday, December 10th 2007                   Written by: Ralf Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

iPod Touch - On the bicycle

A s music players are often used on the bicycle, I went cycling with the iPod Touch while listening to my favourite songs. Generally portable music and multimedia players are often used on the bicycle. The previous iPods let you go to the previous or next song with simply pressing a button once. However, the iPod Touch is equipped with a Touchscreen and when putting the iPod in your pocket it requires deactivating the screen to prevent unwanted swapping between songs. It also means that you have to take the iPod out of your trousers to activate the screen again before you can select the next or previous song. Personally it did not bother me a lot, but if the purpose of the iPod Touch for you is to use it like this, then I would not recommend purchasing it. Certainly because the iPod Touch is not a simple music player but a true multimedia player and besides that the price of the iPod Touch is correspondingly.

Apple iPod Touch review


Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

Apple Touch USB connection

Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

Apple Touch on/off button


Apple iPod Touch review

iPod Touch Conclusion

T he Apple iPod looks neat and is very thin but firm. The Touchscreen of the iPod Touch is a joy to play with; at all times it works amazingly well. Synchronizing music, pictures and videos from your computer with the iPod is a piece of cake. No trouble at all. The battery lasts long but when you watch a movie the energy decreases of course. I consider the functions that require WiFi connection the most beautiful functions on the iPod Touch, such as watching YouTube videos and browsing the Internet through the Safari browser. The iPod Touch's music quality in combination with the included earplugs is astonishing. A nice extra function is rotation of the screen when watching pictures or playing music. If you are planning to purchase an iPod for frequent use on the bicycle I would recommend a cheaper model. But if you are looking for a multimedia player with Internet, the iPod Touch sure is the best choice. It has a price tag of approximately 375 Euros, certainly not cheap but definitely worth its money!



• Neat and solid design
• Marvellous Touchscreen
• Sufficient capacity
• Superior music quality
• Long-lasting battery
• User-friendly
• Safari browser and YouTube video


• Not an ideal iPod for cyclists
• No integrated speaker
• Simple Contacts & Agenda menu
• Rear is smudge-loving and scratch-prone

Review score

• Score: 90%
• Excellent

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